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How Frequently Should You Check Your Family’s Roof

How Frequently Should You Check Your Family’s Roof

Many components make up your home. Of these, the roof is critical to maintaining your family’s comfort. That’s why it’s essential to check its status frequently. Here’s what you need to look out for and what can be done to ensure a long life.

What Comprises A Roof?

If you spoke to someone at Richmond Roofing Company, they would tell you that the roof is more than slate tiles. Those are the finished product. Other components make up the entire roof structure.

First, you want to check the frame frequently. This is found by climbing into your attic and checking the wooden beams that make your roof’s angles. These are important to maintaining its structure and preventing elements from entering your home.

Next, examine the soffit and fascia. The former item spans the ends of the rafters. The latter is the exposed horizontal band you see at the end of those rafters. You want to make sure they’re sturdy and free of damage.

Then there are the gutters and downspouts. Yes, these are part of a roof’s structure since they collect rainwater. Like the other components, you want to examine these elements regularly to check for sturdiness.

When You Should Check Your Roof?

You don’t need to examine your roof every day thoroughly. A cursory look when you go outside is delicate. Any glaring damage should be seen immediately. If you want to see the whole roof, you may want to cross the street to get a good view.

Conversely, you want to check your roof after various weather conditions. In the winter, particularly after a heavy storm, look for noticeable dips in its surface or snowmelt overflowing the gutters. In the summer, you want to watch out for damage related to thunderstorms and hail. Throughout the year, look at your roof after a period of strong winds.

What to Look out for?

When you examine your family’s roof, you want to look out for several issues. Their severity determines if you can repair them or if you require the services of a professional contractor.

Broken or Missing Tiles: Damaged or missing roof tiles can’t be overlooked. These protect the top of your home from the elements. Thus, there’s a chance that rain or snow could seep into your attic to cause mold.

You could replace the tiles yourself. However, there’s a massive risk to yourself if you aren’t trained in the practice. Not only could you cause more damage to the roof, but if you fall, you hurt yourself and potentially damage other components.

In the end, it’s best to ask a professional to perform the repair. In doing so, they might find broken or missing tiles you couldn’t see.

Dripping Water Inside the Home: If you detect water stains in areas that aren’t near plumbing pipes, then there could be an issue with your roof. Damage opens up spaces in the frame that allow rain and snow to enter. Eventually, the water pools and begins to flow down walls and ceilings.

The best thing to do before you call a professional is to head up to the attic and look for signs of water damage. This could be in the form of puddles, streaks down the frame & walls, or damp insulation. Try to pinpoint the location before you make a call.

Sags in the Roof: Usually, your family’s roof is angled instead of flat. This allows Water to flow down into the gutters and downspouts. However, excessive amounts of rain and snow can cause sags in the roof.

Generally, this happens because the frame is damaged. Perhaps a beam is cracked and falls. This is dangerous as it could result in a total roof collapse. In this situation, it’s essential to call a roofing contractor as soon as possible.


A solid roof allows you to maintain a comfortable internal environment for your family. This is the reason why you should frequently check it for signs of damage. Although it might be initially minor, further stress could cause extensive damage.

If you believe there’s cause for concern, then reach out to your local roofing contractor. The sooner you do so, the better you and your wallet will feel.

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