How to Effectively Fix the Error Code 22 in Device Manager

How to Effectively Fix the Error Code 22 in Device Manager

This device is disabled. (Code 22) is an error that happens to the computer hardware. When the hardware is faulty, users can go to the Device Manager to check the status of the device and they can receive an error message that indicates the cause of the error code.

This error code 22 in Device Manager is just such a situation. From the error message, users can see that this error happens because the hardware is disabled. Many cases can cause this error and there should be various solutions.

In this article, we will talk about how to get rid of the code 22 error in different ways.

Method 1: Enable the Device

Perhaps, users have disabled the hardware but they forget it. So, users can manually enable the device to see whether the code 22 error can disappear.

To do this job, users need to go to the Device Manager and then find the target hardware that is needed to be repaired. Then, go to Properties > Driver and then click the Enable Device button to enable the device.

At last, users can go to check whether the error code is disappeared.

Method 2: Reboot the Computer

Some temporary issues can also cause error code 22 in Device Manager. Users can just reboot the computer to let Windows fix these kinds of issues by itself. This method is very simple. But, it is effective

Method 3: Undo the Changes for the Device

Users can think about whether they have made some changes to the device before the error code 22 appears. If yes, they can undo these changes to see whether this method can work.

For example, if they have installed a new device, they can remove the device to have a try. If they have updated the device’s driver, they can roll back the driver for the device to the previous version. Besides, users can also perform a system to roll back Windows to the point when the code 22 code doesn’t exist.

Method 4: Reinstall or Update the Driver for the Device

If the device’s driver is outdated, the error code 22 can also occur. On the other hand, the device’s driver can be damaged or corrupted. In a situation like this, users can go to reinstall or update the driver to fix the issue.

Users still need to go to the Device Manager to find the target device.

To reinstall the device’s driver, users need to select Uninstall device after right-clicking the device and then reboot the computer to make Windows reinstall the driver

To update the driver for the device, users need to select Update driver from the right-click menu. Likewise, users still need to reboot the machine to successfully execute the changes.

Method 5: Reset/Update BIOS

Resetting or updating the updated BIOS version is another method that is proved to be effective to get rid of the error code 22 in Device Manager. Users can also try this method to fix the error.

Method 6: Use Another Expansion Slot

If the error code 22 in Device Manager is caused by the expansion slot not working, users can use another expansion slot to have a try. Whether the error is caused by this problem, this method is worth trying.

Method 7: Replace the Faulty Hardware

If all the above solutions don’t work, the hardware should be damaged and it is needed to be replaced. If it is a data storage device, users also need to rescue the files in the device using professional data recovery software before replacing the hardware.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a dedicated file recovery tool that can be used to recover data from different kinds of storage devices like hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, and more.

Users can go to the MiniTool official site to download and then install the trial edition of this software on the computer to have a try.

This software is very easy-to-use. After opening the software, users can select the faulty device and then press the Scan button to start the scanning process.

When the entire scanning process ends, users will see the scan results. With the trial edition of this software, users can check whether they can find their needed files. If yes, users need to use a full edition of the software to recover all the files without limits.

Method 8: Reinstall Windows

The last method to solve error code 22 in Device Manager is to reinstall Windows 10. A clean Windows installation is a better choice. Before doing this job, users had better backup the files in the computer hard drive to keep them safe.

After that, users can feel free to reinstall Windows to deal with This device is disabled. (Code 22).

We hope these methods can fully solve the error code 22.

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