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How To Get Your Business Noticed (And Gain More Customers While Doing It)

How To Get Your Business Noticed (And Gain More Customers While Doing It)

The search is always on to get more customers, get your business noticed, and get more attention.

With the pandemic still going strong, it can feel that you are never going to be able to get out there and put your business right in front of the people where it belongs or other businesses that you want to connect with.

However, there are a few small fixes and solutions that you might want to try that will not risk your own health or that of any of your employees.

#1 Social media platforms

Make the most out of social media platforms and the reach that they have by using them to grow your audience and your customer base.

Most people nowadays have access to social media platforms, the majority of users access the many different platforms using their smartphones as and when they have a spare bit of time, even when they are on the move on their daily commute to or from work, though there are some that prefer still to use their computers or laptops.

You do not need to advertise your products, as such, on these platforms in order to get your business or the products that you offer in the spotlight.

In fact, you may find that you get better responses for your posts if you do not go for the hard sell but instead use the platforms to be informative about what you do, or better still give tutorials on how some things are achieved, whether these are by article writing or making videos.

This will inevitably increase your number of followers, and if you make sure that you have links back to your website with maybe a few more interesting articles or videos there, you will find that you are building a very strong bond of trust with those followers who, when it comes to buying those particular products will then choose your business over any others.

#2 Use virtual events

With the pandemic still hanging around and casting a huge shadow over everything we do, you may feel that holding trade events is a big no-no. However, they are one of the best ways in which you can connect with potential customers and put your business out there.

There are, as you might expect, ways around this. You are right in thinking that not many people will be happy to venture into large, enclosed areas crammed full of other people shoulder to shoulder, but think of how if you just take all of that ‘cramming’ out of the equation, extremely beneficial and popular these trade events are.

Having the services of experts in using an online event platform could make this possible for your business to host or be a part of virtual trade shows and get all the attention you desire without any of the risks to the health of your members of staff.

They can also help with being able to get your specialists answering potential customer questions in real-time, face-to-face, even though they are miles apart.

There could be many potential customers your business could connect with virtually if you could attend all the trade shows, without leaving your own business site.

#3 Articles in magazines and newspapers

You can write and submit your own articles about your business and the products or services that you offer to magazines and newspapers in order to get exposure.

If you are looking to do this, your article will have to be informational or educational rather than salesy. Otherwise, it will be classed as advertising.

However, in saying that, you may be able to add a special readers’ discount or even a piece of company swag to any readers that purchase from your website using a particular code. This, however, is fully at the discretion of the magazine or newspaper that you try to submit to.

Before you write your articles, it is well worth getting in contact with the magazines or newspapers to check that they are willing to accept a written piece from you, you may have to pay a fee, or it may even be free.

You need to remember that most magazines and newspapers, if not all, have online copies that are available worldwide and that they are not just available to those that go into a shop to buy them so your article can be read far and wide, even if many do now use a paywall.

#4 Branding

Building a brand is another great way of getting your business and your products the right amount of exposure. If your brand goes hand in hand with a catchy logo or slogan, then even better.

There are businesses that will help you with your branding if you feel that you are struggling and will help you design it to make it look good, professional, and eye-catching.

When it comes to a catchy logo or slogan, you will probably want something that rolls off of the tongue and yet is said in or can be adapted to everyday language.

The power of a good logo or slogan that goes with the product or business that it is attached to can never be underestimated and can stay within the public mind throughout their lives, even if they have never bought from that particular business. Take, for example, finger-lickin’ good, made to make your mouth water, or even, I’m lovin’ it.

Even if these logos or slogans do not mean much to you, there will be thousands of people worldwide who suddenly get the same image of the business or product behind each one floating through their minds.

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