How Your Own WhatsApp Can Keep You Hooked Up with Religion

How Your Own WhatsApp Can Keep You Hooked Up with Religion

This 21st century is an age of digitalization and technology. During these times, everything is revolving around social media and its various platforms.

There is no doubt left in the digital fact that everything is just one click away from us.

Last year, when I intended to go for my spiritual visitation, it was a matter of great serendipity that I could pick any of various cheap umrah packages just with a thumb touch of my phone.

The same is the case with your friendly fastest smartphone apps, indeed. While scrolling through my WhatsApp chats, a sort of “Digital Divine idea” ticked my mind.

What if I could use my WhatsApp to go into the spiritual world of my religion? What if I could bring a spiritual change in myself through this super-fast platform?

Why shouldn’t I make my time in a productive scroll instead of wasting it on meaningless chats?

All these piteous thoughts inspired me to create my own WhatsApp religious group to share and learn my ever-soothing religion, Islam.

So I created a WhatsApp group solely for my religion. I did so by starting from my close family and office friends. Afterward, I expanded my group by asking my friends to invite people they know.

You can also do this to use this incredible smartphone App for daily spiritual rewards. All you need to do is to create your own WhatsApp group to get different awe-inspiring religious content.

Inspiring Religious Content for Personalized WhatsApp Group

If you have named your created religious WhatsApp group, then following are the Islam related activities you must put into your created personalized group.

Put a 30 day Good Habit Challenge

It is said that it takes 21 to 30 days to make or leave an everyday habit. You can decide a virtuous habit in your group friends, such as giving an everyday sadaqah or develop a 5 Times prayer habit.

The group members who successfully develop this habit after the 21 or 30 days should send thumbs up in the group. This will be a mutual contribution toward the beginning of an ideal religious life.

Share Religious Videos

The internet is loaded with loads of religious content and videos. There are endless authentic religious videos of so many brilliant religious scholars like Mufti Menk, Nauman Khan ZakirNaik, etc. You can share one among such valuable religious videos daily within your religious WhatsApp group.

Share a Religious Article or Column

You can also share any thought-provoking or debatable religious articles in your WhatsApp group. You can share one article per day. This virtuous act will not only enhance your collective knowledge of Islam but also motivate the other group pals to do the same.

Share a Daily Religious Dua to Memorize 

Select a dua or an awe-inspiring Quranic verse after reading the Holy Quran. Share it in your WhatsApp group with your group members.

You can also ask your group fellows to do the same. You can also memorize any dua which any of your friends shares on WhatsApp.

Share One Sunnah or Hadith

We learn so many Divine sayings or Sunnahs of our unprecedented Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW), but have we thought how much we are preaching them to our fellows? Are we rightly putting them into practice in our quotidian lives?

This fastest social network would surely help you do this. You can read a sunnah or Hadith from the authentic Hadith Books and share one hadith daily within your WhatsApp group to get the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

This virtuous act is also fruitful compliance with the Holy Prophet (SAW)’s orders to preach his teachings to our other Muslim fellas.

Share Your Religious Speech

Improve your oratory skills by sending your religious 5-10 minute speech within your religious group. You can talk about any debatable religious topic/matter in your speech/lecture and invite the feedbacks of your group friends.

You can also talk about any Quran Surah or event you like for the spiritual enlightenment of your friend.

Set a Within Group Religious Quiz

You can choose a religious topic and tell your group mates to prepare for it for a week. After the end of that particular week, concoct a religious quiz within your group.

This would surely be an interesting and enlightening brainstorming activity to brush up your religious knowledge.

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