Introduction to Digital Signage Solutions From LG Electronics

Introduction to Digital Signage Solutions From LG Electronics

Many people nowadays use and interact with digital signage every day in public venues, retail stores, restaurants and corporate.

Digital signage from LG Electronics uses an IPSTD panel designed exclusively to reproduce High Definition images as sharp and clear as the original providing visibility and wide angles and diverse locations.

Digital signage can be seen in many different places of everyday life. Let’s take some examples of digital signage from LG Electronics.

Imagine, you are now looking at the digital banner of the incheon traffic center. This digital banner is located in the main passage that connects the traffic centre with the airport.

The banner has become a landmark of inche on airport traffic center by providing efficient information delivery and attractive videos.

This is a media poll installed in latte Sky Mall having a unique shape with its height five times longer than its width.

The advertisements on the media pool easily captures attention despite bright lights around the pole touch kiosk and video walls are installed at every Kia Motors dealership.

Nationwide customers can obtain information on vehicles through touch kiosk and video walls such as comparing vehicles with competitors dealerships with boring and plain showrooms have now been converted to engaging customer experiences satisfying their emotions and questions through touch kiosk and video walls nacho HR jang yi-jeong ZdenoChara hungry like a debonair women villade borracho saw saga want to join a club Romani a previous que tener who younger omani rial huida. This is an outdoor video wall installed at gas stations from GS Caltex.

Gas stations may seem too plain but new vitality is added by installing a videowall to play high-definition images is the digital cube at LG science hall children who visit LG science hall enter a new world through a three-dimensional digital cube diverse video clips displayed through large screens lead children into the mysterious world of science.

This is a 55-inch large video wall installed at the sole convention wedding home.

This video wall is used to broadcast weddings and various ceremonies the wall offers a practical benefit to customers and elevates the status of the wedding home you have seen different kinds of LG electronics digital signage installed at different places to attract people’s attention LG digital signage provides high visible images through IPS pane land lowers power consumption based on LED.

LG digital signage is also equipped with an economic and eco-friendly system in the PD panel used in all product models which shows almost no screen burning and change in color tones despite long-term needs.

LG digital signage offers beautiful designs for daily activities and enhances business environments where LG electronics digital signage the perfect solution for you.

For example, if you are unboxing a new TV display and there you can see something which is called P line where we already had the D line the Q line and now we got the P line.

This is a SOC that means it’s actually a smart TV like a dyke. There’s a Google TV that means you have the Android built-in inside and so, here we get remote control and this is for mounting.

If you look at the other side upside downlike you can see that we have handles where we can carry that. So first time I ever see that in any type of TV display.

Few more words about this p line TV display that the whole thing about a P line is these are professional TV displays that means you can use them to construct your own video so there is the bezel leader is very thin why because you can put another TV monitor to the side of it and then you can construct your own TV wall and it’s flat that means when you put one on top of it just like a Lego or a puzzle they should fit in the next thing.

It’s about the connectors so you can see that you have a big variety of connectors you have a USB type B. Here, you have WLAN port RJ45 you have a display port in and out, you have DVI port in and now you also have two HDMI ports.

You also have audio in, audio out, you have RS-232 in and out this is the old comport you also have infrared in and out everything you have in and out. Here also a power you have in and out and you also have this nice thing.

So, what is daisy-chaining? It means you take another TV display like that and you make you actually be what we call you to concatenate this one to the next one and the next one to the next, this is called daisy-chaining.

Connect the first to the second and the second to the third and a third to the fourth and this way you get your own video.

This is one of three-way to construct your own video wall and that’s the nice thing about the Philips key line so the TV is connected.

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