Is Traveling Safe in The Outbreak of Corona

Is Traveling Safe in The Outbreak of Corona

We need not introduce Coronavirus aka COVID-19 as it is everywhere- not only the atmosphere but in every platform one can get hands-on.

From TV, social media, to newspapers, Coronavirus is a hot topic everywhere. The fear of Corona is even more deadly than the disease actually is. 

Every new news comes up every minute and one has to stay updated as it is the only key to survive this pandemic.

And, The only way to survive this pandemic is to stay updated and follow the orders of governments. COVID-19 is the most concerning issue to the world.

Hence, all the media and broadcast channels from the world are covering this and dropping the updates in every single minute. 

Till now, no vaccine has been found and thus staying at home is the only solution. Quarantining yourself is the only way to ditch the virus and getting back to our normal lives.

But as we know, not every person can sit at home; bread and butter push you to limits. So, if you are planning to travel to Europe, here is what you need to know and then make your mind about the trip.

Important note: Amid this Coronavirus outbreak we request you to stay away from crowded places and do not travel if it is not an emergency.

As to win the situation, all we can do is sit at our home to break the human chain of Corona’s affected population. 

No matter which corner of this world you live in, the situation is uniform throughout the planet and thus no country is allowing outsiders to enter, as a precautionary measure. And, there is nothing mean in it as nation-quarantining is the need of an hour.

Though The limitations are causing havoc on the travel industry, lives are more important than business and we all need to follow the guidelines prescribed by the government of our respective nations.

The matter of the fact is, some of the countries are at major risk and all European countries fall under this category.

So, if you are having a plan to visit Europe, currently dropping is the only wise option we can suggest, as you will be putting your life at risk by doing so. The uncertain fluctuations in the policies of governments may make you regret traveling to Europe or any other country.

All European countries have lately cut all ties with other countries, to contain the spread of the virus. Even many other nations are following the footsteps of Europe. 

The Risks factors Involved in Travelling to Europe

As the cases are increasing at a rapid rate, the countries are taking severe precautions and not allowing anyone to enter. UK, Ireland, and 29 other European countries are placed under Level C danger of Coronavirus.

Whereas the US is declared on Level 4. So traveling to such countries is neither advisable nor allowed at this point in time. 

At first, the cases were placed in the isolation ward, due to consistent improvement in the number of cases, the government of several countries allowed medicine supply at home. But this is quite risky for the people who are healthy. There are numerous risks in roaming openly in affected countries such as:

  1. You may come in contact of the virus and become severely ill. And, in such cases, you need to be hospitalized without any family or attendant.
  2. In the next case, you may come in contact with the virus and show no symptoms. And when you come back you will put your family at risk.
  3. After reaching the desired country, you will see everything closed. No attraction will be available for sight-seeing.
  4. You might need to face several crises of accommodation and meals due to closed restaurants and hotels.
  5. YOur return flight might get canceled and you got stuck.

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