Layman’s Guide To Podcasts and Radio Shows

Layman’s Guide To Podcasts and Radio Shows

Our world is changing at a fast pace. Earlier we could only gain information by reading newspapers or using transistors. But now, people can get any piece of data while sitting in the farthest corner of the world. This has been made possible with the latest technological advancements.

Mass communication has become the basic means of spreading knowledge among various individuals. This technique is further enhanced with the help of radio shows and podcasts. Hence, a new revolution in media broadcasting has taken place.

Everyone can utilize these features and can even search for a specific podcast online. Now, the talk shows are not limited to just radios and can even be downloaded for later use.

Due to this, people can seamlessly enjoy various shows at any time of the day. Several websites have also started providing free podcasts.

Having so much similarity with a radio show, podcasts are becoming highly popular among people of all ages. Furthermore, we can see several channels that are dedicated to a particular topic for children and teenagers to enhance their mental capabilities.

Podcasts and radio shows have changed how we perceived information. These mediums are different from the normal news that we see on our televisions.

This is because these shows are not focused on a unique subject and the host along with members show several opinions in a single show. Plus, some live podcasts allowed people to live to engage in the ongoing discussion.

In this article, we will describe podcasts and radio shows in detail. We have also given a list of popular business podcasts that are helpful for people.

Types of Podcasts

Several categories of podcasts have originated nowadays. We have listed a few of them here:

Conversational Podcasts

In this system, two or more people talk about some random topic and share their views. It is quite similar to old radio shows.

Business Podcasts

The main focus in these sessions is anything related to business. The members might discuss their experiences and tell certain tips to improve their work.

Influencer Podcasts

Such content helps newcomers in understanding some aspects related to their subject and motivating them to achieve the desired goals.

Interview Podcasts

Here people from various fields and sectors are interviewed. These experts may discuss their journey to success or other stories about their life.

How are Podcasts/Radio Shows conducted?

Any form of the talk show is conducted using a set of panel members and a host. Some formats only require only one person to speak about some content.

This content can be about any present or past related field. After that, the discussion begins where the host starts with for or against the notion. Certain sessions do not need the host to be biased and allow them to stay neutral.

Apart from the host, the panel members help in continuing the discussion. The group of people that are gathered can include famous personalities or experienced individuals.

Moreover, the members can speak positively or negatively about the content presented by the host.

All this discussion can take hours to complete. The host or creator can specify the timings when the show will go live. Such a predetermined way of performing a session is done with proper planning.

Where the audience can only listen to a live radio show once, a podcast allows for flexible timing as the people can easily listen after the podcast is uploaded.

Instead of being available in just a downloadable format, podcasts are changing into live video streams. The content remains the same, but the way people interact and understand the show has changed.

Popular business podcasts

A variety of podcasts are available online. Out of these, the following is a list of one of the best business podcasts that are specially created for students:

Ted Talks Business

This is an amazing platform where different personalities come and talk about business and entrepreneurship. All the important features of a successful business are shared in this podcast.

Theology of Business

Students and young entrepreneurs can learn the basic values and principles of owning a business. The show teaches about real-world scenarios and creates a problem-solving attitude.

Ask a Manager Podcast

This is a unique content where information on how to deal with workplace situations is shared. It also allows a separate comment area to discuss any question related to work or business. One can learn a lot from these podcasts and the comment section.

The How of Business

From the beginning till the end, this is a complete guide to opening a business. The study material provided in the podcasts is extremely beneficial for MBA students.


From practical knowledge to inspiring thoughts, everything is shared in this podcast. In this talk show, the sessions are undertaken by Dave Ramsey, who has made a name in business and finance.

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