Make Your Own Coffee Scrubs With 3 Recipes

Make Your Own Coffee Scrubs With 3 Recipes

Not only can you make delicious dishes with coffee, but this brown stuff might be even better for your skin.

Did you know that coffee grounds are the perfect remedy for rough winter skin? It hydrates, softens your skin, reduces cellulite and gives you an immediate energy boost. An ideal beauty product.

You can make the 3 best coffee scrubs

Make one of these three fine coffee scrubs this afternoon to prepare for those cold days.

1. DIY Coconut coffee scrub cubes

Do you want to hydrate your skin and face, reduce the cellulite and stretch marks on your legs and feel a lot more energetic with just one beauty product? Then make these scrub cubes from coffee and coconut.

You probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen and this DIY is easy to make. Use it on your face in the morning and on your legs in the evening. It also smells nice.

2. DIY Vanilla latte coffee body scrub

The scrub moisturizes and makes your dry and rough skin soft again like a baby. This coffee scrub has all the benefits of coffee including the wonderful scent as if you were in the Starbucks, but excluding the calories. Nice homemade gift for the holidays .

3. DIY Coffee lavender body scrub

This scrub smells and feels like a wonderful morning with a nice cup of coffee in a warm bath. The lavender scrub is a treat for your body: for showering, exfoliating and for the scent.

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