Reasons for QuickBooks Error the file Exists

Reasons for QuickBooks Error the file Exists

QuickBooks have been a wonderful platform, a software that has helped businesses of small and medium-sized to work restlessly. But with all the good things, you may also confront unwanted errors. 

When you are working on the accounting features, then you will be paying liability, operating payroll, downloading payroll updates, opening the federal and state form, etc.

You might constantly see the error message that says that ‘The file you specified cannot open.

Make sure you aren’t using any other program or a read-only file’. Also, you will receive an error message saying ‘The Window error was the file exists’ 

There can be various issues because you might be facing a ‘the file exists’ problem. So, before we

reach a solution, let look at the reasons for it.

Reasons for the QuickBooks Error to Occur

Being a standard and pretty common error, there can be innumerble reasons why you are facing the QuickBooks Error “The File Exists’ on your screen. Common causes like:

  • Inactive internet issues unable to let you connect to the server
  • Improper, outdated and crashing of Firewall
  • Internet security setting is wrongly configured and not updated
  • The QuickBooks desktop application file is outdated and you cannot access the updated one
  • You witness QuickBooks being interrupted by the Windows User Accounts Control
  • The user doesn’t have the admin right which makes the error occur constantly
  • Improper, incomplete QuickBooks Desktop installation causing the error

The Different Methods to Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Error ‘The File Exists’

  1. Turn off Window Setting: UAC
  2. Visit the windows setting
  3. Navigate to the UAC option
  4. If you notice the UAC feature turned on, make it turn off
  5. Reboot your system

Check for QuickBooks Desktop Application Update: QuickBooks File Doctor

  1. Another method to opt is checking the QuickBooks Desktop Application Updates
  2. Open QuickBooks desktop and then scroll to product information under the ‘Help’ Tab
  3. Choose the right year, version of your software when the drop-down list appears
  4. Click on the search and then move ahead by clicking the ‘Get the latest update’ option
  5. Once the relevant files are visible, save your data
  6. Move to the downloading process, wait till it gets complete and run the installation process
  7. Follow all the on-screen instructions 
  8. Reboot your entire system once the updates are installed completely

Control Access to the User must be Provided Fully

  1. Right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon and then click on the ‘Open file location’ options
  2. Hit the backspace key
  3. Right-click on your QB folder and in that select Properties
  4. Navigate to the security option and click on Edit, and then choose Add
  5. Select Everyone, giving access and full control, and then click ok
  6. Now, you will need to choose the Fully control option and then hit on Apply
  7. Follow the steps mentioned above but instead of choosing the ‘Everyone’ option, you have to select ‘User’ only this time.

Re-registering QuickBooks .DLL and.OCX file using the Reboot.bat File

  1. Make sure to log out or exit from your QuickBooks Desktop Application
  2. Right-click the QB icon and then choose the ‘property’ in it
  3. Now, choose the Reboot.bat by clicking right and select the option’ Run as Administrator’ only
  4. You will then notice a black colored window appearing as a command, scroll all the QuickBooks file, and then it will exit automatically
  5. Restart your computer
  6. Check if you see the file exists an error is erased or not?

Fix the Error while ‘Printing Form issues’

  1. In case, none of the above methods have resulted well, you have to move ahead with this last solution. 
  2. Start your Desktop, choose the Windows+R key, and then type control 
  3. Hit Enter
  4. In that, select the ‘Device and Printer’ option
  5. Right-click on the device and then deselect on the printer that you are supposedly facing an error in
  6. Make sure you exit QB desktop and then navigate to task manager
  7. This can be done by either the taskbar or using your keyboard shortcuts like ‘CTRL + ALT + DEL key’
  8. End your process by clicking on the Yes option, only if the confirmation screen appears
  9. Now, navigate properly to C drive > Program Data > Intuit > QuickBooks (this is for premier users only0
  10. For normal enterprise users navigate to ‘C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Intuit\(QuickBooks_version)\TSPrinterSettings\
  11. Find and delete file name QBPRINT.qbp.
  12. Then you can reboot your system

There can be several issues you will face if you don’t get rid of the error. You should follow the steps mentioned above, surely one of the steps will show the sign. This will help you have a good time accessing QuickBooks desktop software. 

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