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Know The Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid With Examples

Know The Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid With Examples

In this article, I have outlined some of the most common WordPress errors that almost everyone has made from the beginning.

This article aims to provide a list of common errors in a suggested way for you to avoid improving your WordPress blog pages.

I know it can be intimidating to talk about your mistakes, but the most important thing is whether you learn from it or not.

I have learned from my mistakes and I’m glad I did. Because I know that it is important not only for me but also for you.

I will share with you common mistakes website owners make before they launch their site, and what works really well for me.

These tips are designed to help you avoid them, and also explain how to repair them.

In addition, this guide will help to better understand the functioning of WordPress as an online platform.

Hopefully, everyone will take advantage of these tips and use them to avoid the same mistakes and use them as a guide.

1. Delete the default example page

If you install WordPress for the first time, it will create a sample page for each of your World posts.

Make sure you delete the default example page from your page menu in the Post menu and delete all of them.

2. Delete any image that is not important

It’s tempting to grab all the free images that are relevant to your industry, but make sure the remaining ones are updated so you can avoid this common WordPress error.

When you start, images are the primary reason why users visit your site in the first place. So delete any image that is not really important or important to the use of the site.

Readers often ask me how to choose a theme that works only for me, and I’m a big fan of themes such as themes for WordPress, but not for every site.

3. Remove unnecessary plugins

New WordPress users install dozens of plugins, even if they are not used, and new WordPress users install a dozen plugins.

Don’t fall into the trap of installing dozens of widgets you don’t use, or analytics plugins that aren’t checked often.

There are many different plugins for WordPress and many different types of widgets, so you have many options to choose from.

4. Use HD images

Using HD images can have a huge impact on the speed of your website, while an optimized image can dramatically improve the overall performance of the website.

Too many small businesses upload their images without worrying about format or file size, and this can cause a lot of problems for their website.

Asset reuse can reduce the size of pages and thus speed up loading. Large, un-optimized images are a major cause of slow loading times and poor performance on WordPress sites.

5. Write in WordPress editor

Too many small businesses and bloggers write their blog posts and copy and paste them into the WordPress editor.

If you write a post and format it in your word processor without paying attention, you will end up with all sorts of HTML formatting errors.

Too many smaller companies or bloggers wrote their posts into their word processors and then copied and pasted them into the WordPress editor, and you got into a lot of trouble.

I learned that you can avoid these WordPress errors. If you avoid these simple mistakes, you save yourself the loss of potential growth opportunities.

You need to be aware of these errors because they could affect the overall success of your website.

I have shared a whole bunch of mistakes that I made while working on my WordPress blog pages.

The main purpose is to make your WordPress site work faster and be more organized and secure.

If you want to load your WordPress site faster, make image optimization your first priority.

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