Round Trip or Open Jaw Flights? Which one is Better

Round Trip or Open Jaw Flights? Which one is Better

Travel planning is all fun until deciding on air ticket booking. Airticket booking is the least exciting thing to do in a travel plan but is most important as well. All your travel budget’s major part depends on what kind of flight tickets you will book. 

You have to research a lot and compare different flight tickets to decide which one will cost you cheaper and convenient. You are deep pondering whether I should go with an el vuelo de ida y vuelta or try an open-jaw flight. 

Well, you can't decide it just like that you firstly have to understand what both mean and what benefits and drawbacks they have because if you are not sure about it and book an air ticket in a hurry you will regret it later and find yourself in a fuss. 

What are Round Trip Flights?

The simple term round is completed when you return to the point where you began. 

It goes the same for a round-trip flight, which means you are traveling from your departure point to a destination and then returning to the same point of origin with the same airline or flight. 

Simply put when you depart from a location you already have your return ticket booked at the same time.

What are Open Jaw Flights?

Open-jaw flights give you a more liberal way of traveling. In this case, you fly from one city to another and then return to the origin city from a different city to your original departure point. 

Let's say you fly from Los Angeles to San Jose and then travel from San Jose to Panama City and then from there return to Los Angeles.

Round Trip Flights: Pros and Cons

Flight booking is a key decision for any trip, so make sure you are well-informed before making a final decision on an air ticket. 

Swill out these pros and cons of round-trip flights for making a well-informed decision:


  • Round-trip air tickets are often cheaper than two one-way tickets because you are booking both-way tickets with the same airline. So they often offer discounts for round-trip bookings, making them a budget-friendly option.
  • Round-trip flights are easy to book. It's like easy peasy lemon squeezy. You choose your departure and return dates, and you’re all done. Preferable for travelers who prefer an easy, hassle-free booking process.
  • Round-trip flights are usually suggested for single-destination trips where you have already planned your complete itinerary and are very sure about your return date and there's almost no chance of any last-minute plans. 


  • You can't visit multiple destinations and you have to stick to your already planned ways. No space for spontaneity. 
  • In case you want any last-minute cancellation or any other change in your round-trip flight ticket you might get charged additional fees plus most of the time these tickets are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

Open Jaw Flights: Pros and Cons

Open-jaw flights might be a fascinating way for you to travel but as usual, everything has benefits and drawbacks so before committing let's get into its pros and cons first:


  • Very much flexible travel routine. You are completely free to explore multiple destinations with no call to go back to the original landing point. Perfect way of traveling when you want to maximize your travel experience and have no time constraints to return.  
  • You are free to turn your trip from a simple vacation to a multi-city adventure because with these flights you can visit more than one city or country within the same trip.
  • Booking an open-jaw flight can be more economical than two one-way air tickets because you may find a better return flight deal from some other city than your landing destination. 


  • Open-jaw flights can be a cost saver but there's a high probability that it can be expensive too and most importantly you are on routes that are less common or involve multiple airlines making it expensive to be back.
  • Yes, it can be very difficult to book open-jaw flights. It is possible that there may not be a flight to your origin city at all, so you must first travel to the city from where you can book a return flight. 

The Final Verdict

Ultimately, you are the one in your honor who can give the final verdict on which one is better for you. 

There’s no straight answer to it by the way. It all depends on your travel plan, travel type, with whom you are traveling, your travel budget, your travel time, and many other factors that are deciding factors on whether you should go with a round-trip flight or open-jaw flight. 

You have the information here regarding both types analyze it and choose accordingly which one best suits your preferences.  













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