Soak in the majestic grandeur of South Africa: Table Mountain National Park!


South Africa is home to a few monumental attractions, though none as magnificent as the Table Mountain National Park.

The natural beauty of this vast expanse of bio preserve has garnered the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Although the South African nation contains many sights vying for the top spot, nothing can beat the historical significance and scenic natural spectacle of the Table Mountain National Park.

1.Table Mountain


The primary popular highlight of the TMNP is the flat-top natural marvel; Table Mountain overlooks an amazing, lively city of Cape Town. Situated in the heart of the city, this 1000+ meter summit looms over with a wide range of indigenous, unique flora that entices kin and visitors along with the spectacular views from the ‘Mountain in the Sea.’

A hike up the scenic pathway via Platteklip Gorge or a stroll through the lush landscape opens up to the perfect spot awash with golden light during sunset.

A revolving cable car is a laidback option providing more views during ascension. However, table Mountain is the crowning jewel of the park, and it needs no pushing for couples to want to visit on their South Africa honeymoon.

2.Signal Hill and Lion’s Head:

The upright peak to the right of Table Mountain is well-known for the shape it resembles, a lion lying down; Lion’s Head is a beautifully green mound of land along with the Signal Hill, resembling the lion’s body, bordered by the sprawling city. Offering brilliant views of the Atlantic ocean and the magnificent coastline, Lion’s Head and Signal Hill are worthy of the hike via a famous trail to enjoy some incredible views.

3.Cape of Good Hope:


Cape Point Nature Reserve stretches 7750 hectares, proudly showcasing wicked coves, stellar sea views, flourishing flora and fauna, and looming cliffs. Pleinair enthusiasts unite here to enjoy marvelous scenic views where the pride of the land is Cape Point with its old lighthouse and picturesque surroundings. Pick a spot to lay down mean picnics or eat at the Two Oceans Restaurant after hiking or taking the Flying Dutchman funicular to the top.

4.Fruitful floral Reserve:


South Africa is the biodiversity preserve with the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden boasting rich, lavish flowers over 36 hectares of land. The endangered flora is preserved at the foothills of Table Mountain, and the unique fynbos covering most of the land celebrates the flourishing grasslands. The Cape Floral Kingdom has been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site for boasting nature in all its splendor, and it is one of the lovely places to marvel in wonderful South Africa.

5.Simon’s Town Penguin Colony:

Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town flaunts the land-based home of the endangered 2000 Atlantic African Penguins. The sheltered beach protects the colony of penguins and offers exclusive swimming and viewing opportunities for visitors.

Foxy Beach has viewing areas across boardwalks to glimpse at the waddlers in all their wonder. A South Africa tour package is incomplete without a chance to swim with the happy feet of the Penguin colony.

The Animal Kingdom of the world, South Africa, is home to biodiversity landmarks like the Table Mountain National Park housing landscapes of lush greenery and vibrant flowers.

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