Step By Step Guide To Write An Effective Essay With Example

Step By Step Guide To Write An Effective Essay With Example

The level of essay writing is pretty is high as you enter your graduation and your grades depend on them. Thus, you must invest your time in learning essay writing so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Though there is always an option of hiring a professional essay writer, our first advice to you would be to give an attempt yourself. This way you will know what are strengths and weaknesses while writing an essay.

Getting essay help online is easy as there are hundreds of essay writing service providers online but if you learn the skill yourself you can manage a few assignments yourself.

Given below is the step-by-step process of how you should approach an essay. These steps will simplify the process for you and you will be able to write an effective essay.

Step 1: Select a topic that you are expert in

Choosing a topic is an important step. You should brainstorm a few ideas on a paper and check where your knowledge lies the most.

The more understanding you have on a topic, the better you will be in writing it. You don’t need essay help here because only you can decide which topic do you excel in.

Step 2: Arrange your ideas in a sequence via an outline

The outline is where you should spend some time. A good outline is one that covers your major parts of the essay i.e. Introduction, body, and conclusion. You can define the exact points you will cover under the section. This will ease the writing process

Step 3: Write an exemplary thesis statement

A good thesis statement is one that clarifies the topic and sets the right expectation of the reader. Be true to your thesis.

Step 4: Write the introduction, body, and conclusion

The structure of an essay is very simple. It includes only 5 paragraphs i.e. Introduction and conclusion one paragraph each and the body had 3 paragraphs.

The introduction usually contains a thesis statement, a hook for reader engagement, and the main view of the author on the topic.

The middle body is to showcase all sub-points relevant to the main point with evidence and references. Lastly, the conclusion is all about summarizing the thesis and viewpoints to justify your perspective.

Step 5: Edit & Proofread

You may mistake in your first draft. This is inevitable even the professional essay writing service do. But the problem is not making mistakes but failing to correct them. A good student always keeps editing software handy to make sure the final output is flawless.


The basics of essay writing involve understanding the process of choosing a topic and making an outline. You should know how to present your ideas and concepts in sequence so that a reader is not confused.

You must collect good references to support your views and use simple yet professional English to write the complete essay.

An effective essay is one that is easy to absorb and has a good structure. Hope this step-by-step guide will help you nail your next essay assignment.

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