The Riches of the Historical Doha, Qatar

The Riches of the Historical Doha, Qatar

Museums: Islamic Art, Faisala, Mathaf

The Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani Museum has a private collection of more than 15,000 exhibits. It took the Sheikh almost 50 years to collect it. An influential businessman and passionate collector, he opened his museum in 1998.

The Sheikh’s finds cover an area of ​​530,000 m2. Thanks to them, you can trace the history of the country. Awe-inspiring are the vehicle displays and the country’s most extensive collection of weapons.

It truly is heaven for people who want to revel in weaponry and luxury vehicles.

The Mathaf Museum in Doha is dedicated to contemporary art. The building was designed by an architect from France and is unique in the region. The collection contains more than 6,000 exhibits, some of which date back to the mid-19th century.

The Museum of Islamic Art is also located in Doha. It was opened in 2008. The area of ​​the object is 45.000 m2. Halls with exhibits are located on three floors. There is also a research institute, a gourmet restaurant and a library on the territory of the museum.

Contemporary art and monuments

Qatar pays special attention to contemporary art. Works by world-renowned artists are exhibited in various museums and cultural centres throughout the country. The Mathaf Museum is also involved in the popularisation of modern art.

In addition to the forts, the 16-meter Barzan towers located near Doha are also worthy of the attention of tourists. They were built at the beginning of the twentieth century, and in 2003 they were successfully restored.

Rock carvings are another interesting monument in Qatar. They are located in the caves of Al Jassasiya and date back to the Neolithic era.

Flora and fauna

The favourable climatic conditions of Qatar have contributed to the fact that the country has become home to a considerable number of birds, mammals, and reptiles.

On the Qatar Peninsula, there are flamingos, jerboas, Arabian gazelles, and foxes. Not far from Doha, there are camel and horse farms. Coastal waters are home to one of the world’s largest dugong populations.

According to the estimates of zoologists, 21 species of mammals and more than 250 species of birds live in Qatar. And the country has its own living national symbol. This is the oryx – an antelope from the genus of oryx.

Unfortunately, it is an endangered species and is under protection.

Flora of Qatar includes over 300 species of wild plants. But the vegetation is highly scarce due to the highly weathered soil. The most common types of trees are twisted acacia, Qatari parifolia and Arabian blackthorn.

In shallow depressions where moisture accumulates, Ziziphus amentaceous and Cymbopogon grow. In the south of the peninsula, where the soil is dry and low in moisture, desert grass predominates.


Qatar is easily the most underrated and most overlooked country in the Middle East when it should be the exact opposite!

Qatar, even though small, is jam-packed with cultural riches and every kind of luxury a man can buy – from services to the beautiful man-made islands.

Qatar is truly the essence of delight and comfort packed in one. Not to forget the amazing nature-related activities beautiful Qatar has to offer!

Getting around in Doha is relatively easy as you have a few options of transportation, including:

If you wish to commute on your own or without any hassle, we recommend using corporate car rental services.

The currency in Qatar is known as the Qatari Rial or Rial in short. Fret not; there are many ATMs and currency exchange spots at the airport, so you do not need to worry about the “authenticity” of the source of exchange.

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