Top 2 Ways to Share Google Drive File to OneDrive Account

Top 2 Ways to Share Google Drive File to OneDrive Account

Moving between cloud storage can be frustrating, slow and expensive (in terms of both time and money). Obviously, most apps and providers don’t like people leaving their platform, which can become very annoying from their perspective.

Google Drive and OneDrive are common in workplaces, educational environments, and personal homes, depending on the email provider you chose a few years ago.

These providers render some of the cheapest cloud storage that can be “synchronized” with your computer, mobile device, and applications.

However, they rely heavily on their own ecosystem (Office 365 and G Suite), which may become limited and strict over time. This is why users tend to share Google Drive file to OneDrive account.

So, do you want to share files from Google Drive to OneDrive account? Now, the question arises how should you do such a simple task to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive account?

Option 1 – Drag and Drop to Share Google Drive File to OneDrive

Drag and drop is a method to share Google Drive files to Microsoft OneDrive account and the first step is to install Google Drive and OneDrive application (s) on your Windows device.

After both are installed, enter each application and open two tabs of Windows Explorer. In one window, open Google Drive, and in another window, open Microsoft OneDrive.

Now, copy (or select) all the files you want to share and paste (or drag and drop) them into the new cloud provider window.

This may seem simple and straightforward, but this option has its drawbacks. After finally copying the files, you now need to allow the client to sync these files to the cloud.

To monitor the synchronization process, check the taskbar and hover your mouse over the application icon. Seriously, synchronization takes a long time and it is directly dependent upon the number of files that has to share to OneDrive account.

In addition, synchronization will not only interrupt your home network, but also slow down your computer and consume resources.

Also, once any interruptions occur in between the process to share Google Drive file to OneDrive account, users may lose their precious data.

Option 2 – Trusted Third Party Solution

After considering the above, it is best to choose a reliable professional tool that can share files from Google Drive to OneDrive account without data loss.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use a commercial solution, namely SysTools G Drive to OneDrive Migration tool.

This is a great tool designed to share Google Drive to OneDrive. The application is designed to be easy to use because it has a simple interactive interface that even non-technical users can use.

It brings some unique and interesting features to help simplify the process:

Share data from G Drive to enterprise-level OneDrive.

Three types of permissions are provided: read, write and comment.

Renders to perform Delta and concurrent migration in batch mode.

The ongoing migration process can be stopped, paused and resumed.

Maintain the folder hierarchy throughout the process to share Google Drive file to OneDrive account.

It can even share password-protected documents.

Users can share files like Google Docs, Google Drawings, Google Slides, etc. to Microsoft OneDrive account.

To perform selective migration from G Drive to OneDrive several filtering options are provided.

Steps to Share Google Drive to OneDrive

Follow the steps below, which will help you share Google Drive file to OneDrive account. Have a look and implement the steps to get the files into OneDrive account:

First and foremost step is to download the utility.

On the setup screen, select G Suite for the source and Office 365 for the destination to continue the migration process.

Scroll further down on the same screen to select the workload. Select the category as the document.

Then enter your G Suite administrator details and click “Validate”. Again, please enter your Office 365 admin account details carefully.

Select users to start the migration process by clicking Start Migration.

The Concluding Statement

This blog provides a perfect automated and manual solution to share Google drive file to OneDrive account for Business.

We have also mentioned the shortcomings of the manual solution, and then explained how the Google Drive to OneDrive migrator works step by step,

So that users can gain the better insight of the functionality to share files from Google Drive to OneDrive account.

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