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Top 5 Packaging Guidelines That CBD Brands Need to Consider

Top 5 Packaging Guidelines That CBD Brands Need to Consider

Everyone knows that CBD is a booming industry, and it is constantly growing. One of the essential parts to consider is packaging guidelines for CBD companies.

Unfortunately, the cannabis industry has been riddled with many different products, all with their own sets of standards for packaging. 

So, there are different types of CBD products, and they all need to be packaged differently. Other than these guidelines, it is important to have a strong branding strategy that follows these guidelines and also promotes your business.

One way to do this is with packaging and the packaging, printing, promotion, and legal guidelines are joining hand to each other. So, whenever you place CBD packaging in bulk quantity, make sure that your product’s packaging boxes meet all the packaging requirements.  

In this blog post, we will cover the most common guidelines for CBD box design and why you should follow them. 

Packaging Guidelines for CBD Products

Product Information

This section is where you need to identify your product. Your packaging should have all the information a buyer would want, such as what exactly it’s for, its purpose, and how to use it in detail.

For instance, if you’re creating an food supplement that also helps animals with stomach aches, then be sure this information isn’t only on the package but inside or nearby.

Hence, buyers know they can trust your brand without having any other questions about their safety when deciding whether they will buy from your company instead of another one.

Brand Identity Elements

This is where you need to identify your CBD company and product. There will always be something specific about your company that you want people to know when they see the packaging for the first time. 

Include design elements in your branding, so customers feel more connected with what you offer them. Ensure these elements remain consistent throughout all products from this brand, whether on boxes or labels for your products.

Net Quantity

It is mandatory to show the net quantity of CBD, and it must be accurate. This is because consumers need to know how much CBD they are consuming and if it’s the right amount for them.

If you are selling CBD oils, you need to mention their quantity in “ml” like “15ml CBD Oil” or “30ml CBD Oil”.

Moreover, if you are selling CBD gummies, you need to mention the number of gummies in the packaging and the amount of CBD you used in those gummies. In this case, this quantity can be milligram “mg” or milliliter “ml.”

Moreover, you will also have to include a lot number or batch code that identifies where your products were manufactured if there needs to be an investigation on quality control. This should not only be present on boxes but on any labels as well.

Product Ingredients

You should list all of the product ingredients so people can make informed decisions about what they put into their bodies.

You may feel like this isn’t necessary but think about all those who have allergies or sensitivities and would appreciate knowing beforehand exactly what might cause them some discomfort when using your products with sensitive skin.

The maker’s label is usually on the back of the package and includes a list of ingredients and any allergens present in your product. Customers can read this information before purchasing your product.

This thing helps in gaining their trust because they know what they are paying for, and your product meets their requirements. 

Responsibility Statement

Companies are now required to include all of the vital information that consumers need when deciding whether or not they should purchase products.

They must provide a company name, address, and phone number as well as development details on where their product was tested. Consumers deserve knowledge for them to feel safe with what they’re purchasing.

Nutritional Facts

This section includes any content not mentioned in the previous labeling details. It includes the nutrition facts of your product. 

This section displays the nutritional information about your product, like energy content, among other things which might not be listed in another part of the labeling requirements.

It also helps consumers compare one branded food against another depending on their goals/needs, e.g., low fat vs. high sugar, etc.

This is really easy but just make sure it’s listed correctly on your labels. Hence, people aren’t accidentally getting more than their recommended daily allowance or less than their required intake of vitamins/nutrients.

Cautions About Your Products

This section helps identify food allergens in food products by naming them followed by the word “contains” as well as any potential cross-contact risks. Consumers can then decide whether or not those particular foods will be compatible with other allergies like gluten intolerance etc. 

Why do You need To Follow These Guidelines?

There are several reasons that why you should follow these guidelines, and some of those are:

Helps Consumers Know What They’re Getting

To know what CBD products offer them health benefits without any side effects, manufacturers must be upfront about what’s inside every product.

This means providing all relevant information on labels such as ingredients, manufacturing dates, ingredients list with quantities listed (lb), batch number/lot number, etc., production process used throughout production cycle from the start until the end; this informs people about the manufacturer.

Help Customers to Make Informed Decisions

The consumer deserves to make an informed decision about his or her purchase because he or she needs all of the vital information regarding ingredients, quantities, as well as production details.

They need honest answers and real facts so that they can live stress-free with their purchases, knowing what exactly they’re putting into their bodies. The pressure on CBD producers now includes supplying accurate information to their customers.

Otherwise, mentioning wrong information or adding incomplete information will lead to serious legal consequences for your company.

Helps to Avoid Legal Consequences

The CBD industry is in a continuous state of flux, and there are many things that can happen to companies that don’t follow the law.

If a company doesn’t take steps to avoid these consequences, they will face serious legal penalties like steep fines or jail time for their employees.

So, if you’re running a CBD business or looking forward to establishing a new one, you should definitely choose a reliable packaging company like Stampa Prints that takes care of all these requirements and provides to best packaging solutions for your CBD business.

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