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Versatility’ is the Key to Every Event Company’s Success

Versatility’ is the Key to Every Event Company’s Success

“If you are planning to start an event management company or already own one, you must be versatile to attract clients.”

Do you own an event management company but cannot get hold of loads of clients?

Do you have an excellent team of skilled workers, including an experienced production manager, sound and light engineers, well-spoken artist managers, creative graphic designers, etc., but are still unable to bag yourself clients that are “big shots”?

There could be one reason why, despite having every resource, you still are not getting clients: VERSATILITY.

Name any renowned event agency, and you’ll realize that versatility is the only “x-factor” they bear. Now, you might wonder, what exactly does “versatility” mean when it comes to event companies, right? Versatility means doing various events and not sticking to just one type.

For instance, your target clients would be very selective if you are just into Fashion Show Management Services in India. However, if your agency is open to all kinds of events, or at least the ones that take place more in Kolkata, you’ll attract many clients!

If you are wondering what sorts of events you can arrange other than just Fashion shows, please keep reading.

Product Launch: In today’s era, every other day, a new product is launched, be it an FMCG product, a new model of car, a mobile phone, etc. So, if you start providing Product Launch Services in India, you will bag yourself loads of clients!

1. Corporate Dealer Meets:

You might consider adding this category to the ‘List of Services’ your company provides as Corporate meets are common and a very regular thing.

2. Weddings:

Why are you surprised? Isn’t a wedding an event? Believe it or not, wedding management is one sector that is booming! Hence, it would be fantastic if you start providing Wedding Management Services in Kolkata. Sacks and bags of money would only come from this particular segment; that’s a guarantee!

3. Open-Air Concerts:

Currently, in Kolkata, a lot of open-air concerts are taking place. No wonder this city is the “cultural capital of India.” So, why don’t you include concert management on your list?

It will be an excellent opportunity to attract brands and clubs who sponsor these sorts of concerts. But yes, along with Concert management, you also have to provide artist management services so that the celebrity artist performing at the show is taken good care of and treated well.

4. Sports:

Sports events, especially Marathons, are a trend these days. So, if you don’t have this service enlisted in the “Services we provide” section/list, add it ASAP! You are going to gain a lot from these events.

These were some of the events that you could add along with fashion show management services to increase the radius of your target clients and get loads and loads of possibilities.

But yes, before your company starts arranging these events, ensure you have all the skilled professionals required on board, each excelling at managing all the events above.

Also, once you have arranged a strong team, don’t forget to declare that your company has started hosting events other than fashion shows. Promotion matters a lot to attract clients.

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