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What are Different Kinds of Moving Estimates |Tips on Getting Moving

What are Different Kinds of Moving Estimates |Tips on Getting Moving

Shifting between old to a new location can charge you highly. Why? Due to the lack of estimates awareness.

If you don’t know about the types of moving companies estimates then this article is goanna build your knowledge. Hiring professionals is a good step to keep your belongings safe to reach the destination.

But it can charge you from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. The cost depends on the weight or the services you select. Companies may give surprise bills and hidden charges when you reach your destination.

Get a quote before hiring to save from additional hidden charges. This article will give a brief introduction to the type of moving estimates and extra charges.

Make sure about the type of estimate before hiring reliable and professional movers.

Types of moving estimates

There are three types of estimates or quotes.

1. Binding moving estimates

It is the agreement between both parties regarding the cost. A binding estimate is to only pay the stated price even if the weight of the shipment goes more or less than the estimate.

If you want to add more items, make sure the mover renews the estimate accordingly before the move. The mover guarantees the fixed cost-free of additional charges.

It is a written form on contract with the signatures of both parties. It must be written with clear shipping charges and items to be shipped.

In this type of binding moving estimate, you have to pay once the shipment is reached your new location.

2. Non-binding moving estimates

It’s opposite to binding moving estimate. It does not have a fixed amount of cost or the guarantee that you will not be charged more. You may be charged more at the time of delivery.

The final charges are based on the shipment weight. Non-binding moving estimates is not a contract or agreement to bound both the parties. This means that the actual decided cost can be changed or you can be charged with hidden charges.

This type of estimate is usually offered when it is not possible to weigh your items. This is not a written form of agreement; you can simply get over it via phone call. Before making a non-binding cost, make sure the moving company is reliable and professional.

3. Binding-not-to-exceed moving estimates

Just like a binding moving estimate, binding not-to-exceed is a fixed price contract but the major difference between both is that the binding-not-to-exceed might be less than the original cost.

If the weight of shipments increases on the day of moving, you will still pay the actual cost of the shipment. So, your bill will be lower. Binding-not-to-exceed is a written form of contract with the signature of both parties or maybe a stamp of the company.

Make sure the complete detail of the shipment is expressed to the mover and clearly outline the estimate. It is the type of contract that is not offered by all moving companies.

There is not a single disadvantage of accepting such a moving estimate. So, remember if your best local moving companies are offering this binding-not-to-exceed estimate you are going to have a profit.

Tips on getting moving estimates

Select the type of estimate as per your shipment choice by staying within your fixed budget.

Here are some of the tips to move on to the next step to complete the process and let your items to be delivered safely.

  • Do not sign a blank document or incomplete estimates. A company can charge you more on the day of moving. So, be aware of such scams.
  • Choose the companies that charged on the base or shipment or the weight of your items.
  • Most companies use volume-based charges measured in cubic feet. And in doing so, they can easily charge you more than the actual price.
  • Get a complete list of moving items.

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