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What Is a Clutch Perch and What Are Its Functions

What Is a Clutch Perch and What Are Its Functions

In motorcycles, the clutch lever essentially transmits torque to the transmission from the internal combustion engine.

Therefore, having a high-quality clutch perch for the proper installation and use of the clutch lever is of utmost importance for the longevity and functionality of the motorcycle.

The highest quality clutch perch, designed by a reputed manufacturer, may offer exquisite features such as:

  1. Exclusive lightweight, low-profile design
  2. Factory-inspired quick-adjust system
  3. Rubber cable boot with access slot
  4. The debris tab is meant to keep dirt out of the cables
  5. Rubber boot to keep the assembly free of debris
  6. A unique pivot mount provides “full coverage.”
  7. Sealed bearings can enhance consistency and eliminate friction
  8. Precision-forged aluminum base with durable anodized finish
  9. Adjustable lever design for better reach

For ardent motorbike enthusiasts, bending or breaking their clutch lever during a minor racing accident may be a common, albeit frustrating, experience.

People also have problems properly adjusting their clutch system due to an imperfect clutch perch that does not allow for movement or flexibility.

A durable and high-quality clutch perch and a flexible, foldable lever may provide a satisfactory solution to this problem that has been haunting motorcyclists for decades.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Clutch Perch

When purchasing a clutch perch to enhance the performance and durability of your beloved motorbike, you should be sure to look for specific characteristics before making the purchase.

A durable, forged lever blade and CNC billet construction are two of these elements for which you should keep an eye out.

A durable sleeve that allows the clutch perch to rotate under impact may prevent much damage in case of a bike accident. If the lever in question has pivoting capabilities, the damage caused by a sudden impact may be further minimized.

A clutch perch with tight manufacturing tolerance will be able to eliminate up-and-down movements in the lever, thus adding to the stability of the vehicle and the rider’s safety.

For a custom fit, buyers should opt for a clutch perch with an adjustable reach lever.

An ‘on the fly adjuster’ is another important feature available in modern motorbikes and aftermarket parts that would further enhance the customization of the clutch system and the vehicle.

It is not just the individual elements that matter, however. Instead, the overall design of the clutch perch, the quality of materials used during the manufacturing process, and the amount of maintenance provided will all play a part in determining the performance and longevity of the clutch system of a motorcycle.

Therefore, buying a clutch perch with quality hardware throughout its body should be one of the top priorities of dirt-bike enthusiasts looking to upgrade their vehicle.

Making the Right Choice for Your Vehicle

The best companies manufacturing aftermarket motorcycle clutch systems offer state-of-the-art products with anodized, stealth black levers featuring laser-etched logos on the blade.

Depending on the seller, an optional, vertical thumb-operated hot-start lever assembly might also be sold along with the product or separately. Even when it is sold separately, it is easy to install onto the clutch perch and doing so does not require any special tools or training.

Moreover, it usually takes only minutes for the installation process to be complete.

However, buyers looking to purchase a brand new clutch perch for their motorbike should perform some independent research to find out which brand or model would be best suited to their vehicle.

They should also learn about all the options available to decide which features and characteristics they prefer for their vehicle’s clutch system.

This will prevent the need for frequent repairs or replacements of the clutch perch while also improving the riding experience exponentially.

Properly installing a clutch perch assembly may require some thorough research and practice, but it is far from being difficult.

A clutch perch that is longer than the stock model might be a better fit for various dirt-bike models. Some of the best products also feature sealed bearings at lever pivots, making for much smoother action and functioning than the stock versions.

If the motorbike is involved in a crash, the sealed bearings will hold up better than their cheaper stock counterparts.

A clutch perch on a plastic sleeve might improve flexibility as it doesn’t need to be mounted straight to the bar. Instead, the clutch system can be mounted on the sleeve, which can be adjusted for tightness according to the biker’s convenience.

You can tighten it to the point that the clutch lever won’t move on its own but leave it loose enough to allow for some flexibility in a crash or accident.

Upon impact, the sleeve will allow the clutch perch to move instead of bending or breaking the lever.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the factors you should consider when purchasing a clutch perch for your motorbike. You should also read online reviews and testimonials to determine which product you should ideally spend your money on.

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