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6 Projects to Increase the Market Value of Your Home

6 Projects to Increase the Market Value of Your Home

The current state of your home may not be appetizing for prospective buyers, but a bit of effort goes a long way to fix this problem. Here are some of the projects you can do to ensure that your home gets a better market value;

Curb Appeal

The first thing outsiders see when they pass by your home is your curb, and thus curb appeal is something to put great thought and effort into.

You can up the appeal by ensuring that your lawn is always neat by mowing it regularly, raking leaves, and guaranteeing no trash is lying around. If you have a long driveway, you should ensure that it is well-lit at night by adding skylights and porch lights.

Getting newly potted plants and maintaining a beautiful flower garden will do wonders for your curb appeal goals. However, it is also imperative to ensure that the roof is pristine for your security and visual appeal.

If you are looking to fix your roof, Ace Roofing specializes in asphalt shingles in Austin and will help you replace any missing shingles to return your old home to its former glory.


Basements are typically associated with clutter and chaos since all the unwanted and unused items are kept there. However, putting a little work into your basement will be beneficial not just for you but also for people who may be interested in your property when you’re selling.

There is also the fact that when most people are building their homes, they tend to leave the basement unfinished or not put a lot of effort into fixing it.

The roofs are sometimes left without a ceiling, and the walls are made with leftover materials. To ensure that the basement is also a space in your home that you can show off to people and future potential buyers, you should put in the necessary work and effort.

Deep Cleaning

Sometimes your home may not even need any fancy renovations rather than a good and thorough scrub. You can start small by cleaning the windows, removing cobwebs, and wiping down the exterior and interior surfaces.

A power wash is appropriate, especially for old homes and if you don’t clean regularly. In addition, some stores hire out power washing equipment for stubborn dirt.

You can also easily use a hosepipe and clean the exterior of your home as regularly as you want to reduce dirt build-up. You can also make it a point to wipe the interior walls at least once a week to maintain the crispness of the paint.


There is probably nothing like a versatile and cheaper solution to increasing your home’s market value than a fresh coat of paint. A new color and shimmer of paint will bring life to dull-looking walls and floors.

Painting has become synonymous with home improvements because, with a few brushes and some cans of paint, your home can look good as new in a matter of days. In addition, you can look for shades that bring a homely sense and peace, associated with and craved for by everyone.

Fittings and Fixtures

The kitchen and bathroom should be your primary area of focus when increasing the value of your home. Research shows that the kitchen and bathroom are very high on the list of things people will note when considering purchasing a home.

It helps have friendly flooring and immaculate walls in the bathroom and kitchen. In the case where appliances are required, they should be updated regularly. You can fix any leaky taps, change up the faucets, and replace the knobs, which, although small and affordable, significantly impact a home’s value.

Heat Efficiency

Most people will overlook a great house due to an insufficient plumbing, heating, and cooling system. However, it is essential to ensure that your home is up to code because it saves you money and ensures the house will maintain the market value of other similar homes in your area.

There are many ways to increase the HVAC system in your home, such as adding solar panels, insulation of windows, and generally using smart home appliances such as appliances with an Energy Star.

The things listed above are some sure ways to give your home a fighting chance in these harsh real estate market times. Ensure to research which ideas apply best to you and execute them flawlessly.

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