7 Best Brand Logos For Creative Inspiration

7 Best Brand Logos For Creative Inspiration

A logo is an integral component of the branding of a brand. It is one tool that is primarily responsible for expressing corporate principles, strategic advantages, and quality expectations.

It is a brand’s most recognizable icon which gets displayed on a company’s product and service. Today, customers are getting more and more informed of what they are purchasing, whether it is goods or services.

People pay attention to a variety of other things that define a business, quality, and social responsibility, and brand identity.

It’s still a smart idea to start dreaming seriously about the enterprise you want to build up. If you want to be in line for success then find yourself a professional and affordable logo design service to turn your idea into a money-making success.

It is correct to assume that, much as we do, important matters should be in the possession of professionals who specialize in logo design.

If you’re in the initial planning stages, you’re probably still thinking of the kind of logo you’d choose to make to represent your brand. Here is a list of logos to help you create the perfect logo for your brand.

1. Coca-Cola

The most distinctive attribute of the symbol is the graceful, floating Spencerian font, widely used in records and letters in the late nineteenth century.

Later, the company wanted to design its logo more elegant by modifying it with elaborate scrolls and swirls. The scrolls of the capital “C” looked like tasty cherries tied to a tree.

Given the initiatives, the latest logo hasn’t been around for a long time, and yet we can see the aged symbol on the bottles of Coca-Cola.

2. Apple

Apple is committed to making fashionable goods that are quite handy so that even the most technically inexperienced people can enjoy them.

The chrome logos, and then the plain-color logos, show sleekness and elegance; the curved apple denotes classiness. The three qualities are correlated with the Apple brand.

Some may claim that the “strike” from the apple is a play on the word “byte.” Some say it was intended to prevent confusion with the cherry. Anyway, we think it’s a fairly great way to bring appeal to a minimalist logo.

3. Target

Target’s logo is appealing thanks to the effective use of the color red and its compelling simplicity. Many of the logos have been effective and appreciated over time due to their outstanding minimalist style, and the Goal logo is the most popular in this respect.

The concept of the circle-within-a-circle logo expresses globally. Using negative space outside the external red ring wisely produces a picture of power and confidence. Circles express friendship, culture, and endurance — traces that are all relevant to the Target brand.

4. Google

The simplicity of the Google logo is visible in its style. Since Google has selected a wordmark for its design work, the use of color is also significant.

Google’s goal was to use primary colors to give the concept a prominent look. Wordmark’s letter-spacing blends smoothly to demonstrate how Google pushes people through its GUI.

The use of negative space often compares strongly with the primary colors used, showing how the business stands out from the market.

At the end of the day, Google also uses quirky variations of its logo to represent current affairs, a perfect way for an organization to stand in a community with a global audience.

5. FedEx

FedEx often displays different parts of the business by subtle use of color. While retaining the purple color of the “Fed” in the logo style, the “Ex” part varies based on the product.

The most popular color combination we see is purple and orange for FedEx Express, a service used for most parcels. By modifying one of their logo colors, the company will symbolize any part of their company differently.

Since color psychology is so important to your market, each color will deliberately represent a particular feature of your brand.

6. Pepsi

This logo, like the other famous ones, was expected to become the emblematic graphic icon of the 20th century. Now the emblem had just the word “Pepsi” on a rounded symbol drawn red, white, and blue.

By the way, the oval symbol is the Pepsi bottle top. Around 1971 and 2005, the style continued on its journey to simplicity, becoming more simplistic and streamlined with each rebranding. Seeing the Pepsi icon now, you might tell that it has been mastered!

7. LG

Like the Target logo, LG includes a red circle in its style to imply solidarity, cooperation, and resilience. While more apparent than the secret arrow of the FedEx design, the emoji face contained in the LG logo is undeniably creative. The letters “LG” complement the business motto “Life’s Good.”

This specific shade of red is publicly the “unique LG red color.” It’s not a notably fashionable way of defining the color, but it highlights how significant red and its color attributes are to their brand.

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