9 Summer Car Tips Every Driver Should Know

9 Summer Car Tips Every Driver Should Know

The harsh severity of the summer season does not spare anyone and not cars either. If the temperatures are too high, it can take serious tolls on cars.

Therefore, it is important to maintain and take care of a car in extreme summer. The following tips will assist you in this task.

1- Keep the fluids at suitable levels

There are some fluids in the engine which act as lubricants and there are some fluids that play the role of radiator coolants. The coolants squeeze all the heat away from the moving parts of the car.

It is clear that coolants have a crucial task and are important in summer. Whenever the level of coolants and lubricants is low, the cooling effect is drastically diminished because the cooling effect is directly proportional to the level of fluids.

Therefore, it is important to keep the fluids level above average so that the car remains cool and doesn’t overheat. You should keep a special eye on power steering fluid, motor oil, transmission fluid, all vehicle fluids, and brake fluid. Also, make sure to regulate them using the type of fluid as prescribed in the manual.

2- Make sure that your tires are properly inflated

Regulated pressure in the tires should be ensured for many reasons especially to make them face the heat of summer. If the tires are under-inflated, they will most likely cause a blowout due to overheating because the roads in summer have a high temperature.

Therefore, remember to monitor the pressure of tires at least once a month including the spare tire as well so that it can be used in an emergency. Generally, tires lose almost one pound of pressure every month.

In order to know the accurate reading, check the tire pressure in a cold atmosphere. For this step, again refer to the manual to look for inflation pressure.

3- Drive in a pleasant environment

Turning on the AC is useful for creating a cool environment in the summer heat. Make sure that the Car AC system is working properly. If the AC is not cooling up the interior of the car efficiently, the refrigerant level might below.

Moreover, if the car contains a cabin filter, it should be cleaned or replaced every few months to ensure good airflow and cooling. The AC also aids in reducing the fatigue of the driver which is essential for vehicle safety.

4- Keep the engine cool

It is of utmost importance to keep the engine cool as it is the essential component that keeps the car driving. There are a number of ways to do this. For example, the car should not be sped up and cooling systems should be maintained.

The cooling system should also be flushed regularly as written in the vehicle manual. Between the flushing procedure, the coolant fluid should be filled to a suitable level.

It is advised that a mix of water and coolant fluid should be filled in the reservoir for the best effects.

5- Replace the windshield wipers

Summer season is notorious for the usual monsoons and thunderstorms which are quite violent in nature. Therefore it is necessary to switch the wipers especially if the same wiper blades have been used in the winter as well.

6- Change your oil more and more

Cars are comparatively used much more in summers than winters. Whether it’s for long travels, short trips or long car drives, keep a special eye on your oil.

As much as the usage of the car increases, the oil change frequency should be increased that much too. Every car’s manual contains the summer schedule in it to follow. This maintenance schedule will keep your car in shape.

7- Give attention to your battery

The fear of being stranded on the road in summer remains persistent in the minds of drivers. This is because the summer heat increases the chances of fluid loss and oxidation of battery parts.

Heat is the top-notch reason for battery failure and a reduction in battery life. Therefore, regularly test your battery to know it’s status.

8- Check your brakes

Brakes are a very crucial part of a car. Frequent usage of the car might impair the brakes which is harmful. If the brakes are not working properly and are making strange noises, then get them checked.

9- Be prepared for the worst

Even with all this care and maintenance, there are still chances that summer breakdowns might occur at any time.

Therefore, always keep an emergency kit in your car to use when the worst-case scenario happens. The basic things that should be included in this kit are non-perishable food, road flares, water, simple hand tools, jumper cables a flashlight with extra batteries and most importantly, a first aid kit.

All seasons have their own maintenance routine for cars and they should be followed without negligence for the proper functioning of vehicles. We should always make sure that our car runs smoothly.

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