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Artificial Intelligence Needs To Be Reboot

artificial intelligence needs to be reboot

What do you understand by term Artificial Intelligence?

According to Wikipedia AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the power tools machine intelligence that can be demonstrated with the reference of human intelligence and other animals. In Computer science, AI is defined as any device that perceives its environment & put maximum efforts in order to accomplish its goals. when a machine starts supervised learning algorithm and solving a problem within the specified environment then it is termed as “artificial intelligence”

AI is still in the emerging phase yet we can not say right now AI fruition for our overall needfulness. Yes! Of course, it is more exciting to make our routine working style more compatible with the help of AI. The science requires prospective growth & development with the support of Artificial Intelligence.

Check out the respective figures:

  • 14 times increase in the number of active AI startups since 2000
  • Investment into Artificial Intelligence  increased 6X since 2000
  • The share of career opportunity by AI skills has grown 4.5X since 2013

Certain findings as of 2017:

Since last year the usability of AI increases 5% into their corporate organization.  Similarly, 22% of organizations are planning to adopt AI and 32% still did not plan anything to do with AI including machine neural networks.

Filip Pieniewski confirmed in his recent post on VentureBeat: “The AI winter is well on its way”:

By the year 2018, things continuously changing and this perpetual change leads AI to upgrade to the next level.  Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS)conferences conclusively publishing new aspects for further amendment in AI. Public relation agency also releasing new arrival in this competitive arena of AI whether Elon Musk promising self-driving cars, Google keeps raising the bar with Andrew Ng’s line that AI is more valuable than electricity.

Our generation is looking for auto-driving electricity car and expected delivery of the same product but at the same time, we cannot ignore the consequences of the auto-driving car i.e. including the death of pedestrian as well. This incident raised a question over the precision and accuracy when we are going for life. Also, make a dent on the technology used to develop a self-driving car.

At the same time, we cannot ignore the general approach positive aspects of advances in machine learning large scale technology in order to save human life and it is how a machine fails to make a reasonable decision.

The dream of the self-driving car would possibly come true one day with continuous rectification and improvement in current AI. Similarly, try experts are also predicting the future of self-driving car avoiding accidents.

Even if talk about every programming language is having its own area of improvement and simultaneously working on it experts get to know how they can make happen other cognitive innovation.

Technological computational approach adoption is only possible when it ideally be suitable, scalable and one that can be used by everyone. Likewise, large amount data science work from collecting data, scheduling and training and forecasting accelerate progress. Depending on the data feed; the machine can learn and develop the intelligence for the same. Accordingly, the user can change the response/ usability by changing the data type.

Creating A full proof concepts:

Researchers are working on developing the latest code to implement and substituting the same with updated code that finally leads to manage the ongoing issue. Artificial Intelligence forums and community also having updated conversation at the same time.

Commercialization of technology also providing a threshold to our R&D and offering them a new vision. From the development of software for a computer now AI technology ready to make available for a human being for not only managing their official task but also personal routine task as well.

The industrial requirement of automation now replaced by making the availability of Artificial Intelligence. Say the name of any of industry who did not have the willingness to accept the AI and you better understand the reason and cause to adopt the AI technology of course different. Healthcare, telecom, IT – Industry and other industries are having the same level of thirst of acknowledgement.

Can Algorithms be Accountable for decision making?

The current approach of AI technology has no visibility how decisions are made. At a certain point in time humans are accountable for manual task assignment. You can better understand how the autopilot feature works, it is all depending upon the algorithms and development of new algorithms also match the accountability proportion.

The Inevitable Coupling of AI & Enterprise

Every enterprise is having its own refined data structure and specified environment both are very necessary for the machine to deep learn the things with absolute accuracy. Certainly, not only the enterprises are getting benefits of AI but also societies. We can not ignore increasing convenience, improving products and services, detecting potential harm and irradicate by the means of automation. Precision and accuracy both are managed well during the manufacturing process, service, assessment solutions & product quality as well.

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