Effects of Radio Waves on Humans


Who is not familiar with radio waves? Radio waves not only brings music to our ear but has become a big part of our life.

Radio waves are used for broadcasting, telecommunication, radar and other navigation system, communication satellites, computer networks, and many other applications.

If we pay a little attention to our surroundings, we will come to know that most of our daily activities depend upon radio waves.

Imagine that somehow the radio waves have suddenly disappeared, vanished. What would you do? Almost 70% of people will become unemployed.

Apart from all of its advantages, it doesn’t mean that it is all good. As everything in the universe has its dark side and a bright side.

Though WHO hasn’t yet found a shred of strong evidence that a radio wave is life-threatening, but as there are some gaps in the knowledge about the biological effects of RF, so this subject is still under consideration and needs further research.

Some common health problems that are thought to be caused due to Radio Waves are discussed below.

Ocular Effects

It was reported that radio waves have effects on retina, cornea, pupil and other ocular systems causing general eye irritation and cataracts when they are exposed to localized, very high radiofrequency.

However, it is still not quite obvious that it really causes cataracts. This is because this experiment was firstly done on rabbits and then on monkeys. The cataracts were caused in rabbits but not in monkeys.

Since the structure of the monkey’s head is similar to that of humans, therefore, it was considered that radio waves do affects some animals but not human. Still, the study is not based on human experiment, therefore, there is a bit of grey area in it.

Effects on the Development of Embryo

Recent studies show that exposure to radio waves affects the bones of fetuses altering the process of mineralization and bone turnover. However, it is not the cause of premature birth, low birth weight, spontaneous abortions or other congenital diseases.

Still, as this information was based on the experiments done on animals like rats and rabbits, therefore this study still not provides strong evidence.

Radio Waves and Heart Problems

The people who are electrically sensitive have a chance to develop a high pulse rate, chest pain, pressure on heart, or even heart attack when exposed to the high frequency of radio waves.

Some studies say that radio waves can cause malignant tumors in the heart and white blood cells. But still, it is not yet studied in-depth but research of shows that radio waves cause no effect on the heart.

Radio Waves Causes Cancer

A recent research shows that the frequent use of mobile phones, laptops, televisions is a leading cause of brain tumors. Moreover, explosion to high-frequency radio waves damages skin, causing skin cancer, also it causes tumors in cardiovascular tissues and organ.

In younger children, the radio waves are found to be the cause of leukemia that is the cancer of white blood cells. This research is also as grey as the others.

Problems of Nervous System

Exposure to radio waves results in nervous disorders like problems in thinking and illness of mood. Radio waves are also found to be the cause of stress, depression, hypertension, headaches, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, and even the thought of suicide. Sometimes it is thought that radio waves can also lead to dementia like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

However, scientific research has not yet fount a strong link between these disorders and radio waves, but it is still thought that radio waves are the cause of all these neurological problems.