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Everything You Need to Know About House Painting Tips and Tricks, Before 2020 Ends

Everything You Need to Know About House Painting Tips and Tricks, Before 2020 Ends

Residential painting requires aesthetic senses to make the exterior attractive. Additionally, some studies have also found out that color improves one’s psychology and further contributes to mode improvement.

People often feel confused when it comes to repainting their house, apartment, or studios and ask whether to repaint a house or not? And will it worth it? Well, the simple answer is ‘YES’.

A regular house renovation and remodelling not only enhance the interior or exterior of the house, in addition to it, it heavily contributes to increasing the market value. Here is the detailed answer to:

What are the benefits of house painting?

  1. Helps the house to stand out. One of the significant benefits of painting the exterior or interior is, it makes the house stand out. With the right paint color and texture, the paint can add a luxurious look to the property without any hefty spending.
  2. A clean and well-maintained house increases the market value of a property. Comparatively to houses with the tanned and damaged exterior.
  3. Most of the house owners neglect the fact that weather, rain, fog, snow, and heat heavily affect the walls of a house. It requires routine treatment and most importantly requires weather resistant coating. A house that had a well-maintained exterior not only repairs the damage, but it also protects the house from any natural calamities. Thus, it increases the market price of a house.

Yet, the most significant thing you need to get yourself familiar with is the concept of ‘Sheen.’

What is Sheen, why it is important?

Sheen is also known as the gloss level of the paint. There are five types of sheen, Matte sheen, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-gloss, and Ceiling flats.

The higher the sheen is, the more the paint strokes and imperfections will be noticeable by the naked eyes. Lower sheen helps to make the surface imperfection and unevenness.

Tips for quality DIY house painting?

  1. Tack cloth for surface cleaning. People often start house painting service. Without cleaning the surface. Later minute particles appear on the surface. To prevent this from happening, it is better to clean the surface with a tack cloth.
  2. The loosely woven cloth helps in removing the minute dust particle to prep the surface for painting. Pro-tip never reuses the tack paper. It is meant for onetime usage.
  3. High-quality roller covers, brushes, and paint. There are more than three types of roller covers, synthetic, natural, large pack. These are available in two sizes 3 and 9 inches.
  4. To make the painting move sleek and clean, use a high-quality roller cover along with painting brushes. Additionally, to get professional finishing, never compromise on the paint’s quality.
  5. Always buy the paint from a credible vendor and of top-notch quality. Additionally, use a roller brush to paint the edges, this will ensure the consistency in wall painting.
  6. Duct tape test. Before painting the wall, always take a duct tape test to check the previous wall paint strength to hold the new layer. For this, you just need a duct tape, apply it on the surface where you want to paint and remove it.
  7. If the tap contains a paint particle then it is advisable to scrub the surface and prep the wall for a newer layer of paint. This way the paint will stick longer and additionally will be free from the uneven surface.
  8. Pick colour after taking a wall patch test. The best way to choose the paint, best suited to your interior is via a wall patch testing.
  9. Most of the vendors provide sample paints for house testing. Furthermore, you can hire residential painting services from any local house painting contractor to do the job for you.
  10. Paint in one direction to avoid lap mark. Like regular drawings and paintings, the wall painting also requires careful and consistent brush strokes.
  11. Therefore, while paintings, try to keep the brush strokes in one direction. Furthermore, conduct a sheen test to understand the brush stroke techniques for even surface.
  12. Get a Paint sprayer. One of the best ways to quicken the interior painting process is via the use of industrial paint sprayers. The spray-on equally spread the paint on the surface. Unlike hand painting, the spay uses less paint.
  13. Get quality primmer. Use a high-quality primer to prevent the freshly painted wall from blotchy. Often professional painter uses the primer to prep the surface in order to prevent the flashing and uneven texture from the wall.
  14. Buy an extension pole. To keep the painting consistent from top to bottom of a wall, it is recommended to buy a pole extension. Another benefit is, it reduces the physical labour and strength in the painting by hand and brush.

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