How To Better Your Gastroenterology Billing

How To Better Your Gastroenterology Billing

It is true that there are several restrictions with federal and commercial payers in their process of local coverage determinations.

A wrong claim with incorrect gastroenterology or endoscopic procedures can become detrimental for a healthcare provider in the long run.

Providing a complete demonstration of the medical necessity is a huge area of concern and missing it will eventually deny your payments.

A lot of negative things can happen where the authorization for lab tests may be disapproved, claims may be denied and lack of documents can seriously cripple your chances of receiving payments.

Making sure that all your payments can be realized on time, gaps with your practice management efforts can be eliminated and your money is realized can be a challenging task. Experience is the key to improving both pre and post Gastroenterology billing.

Sunknowledge drives your ROI

Working with the largest names in the Gastroenterology and Endoscopic space, delivering excellence in with a complete Gastroenterology billing approach, Sunknowledge understands how to accelerate your process of securing money on time.

We believe in working as a reliable operational extension, offering comprehensive support and that too at the best price in the market place.

Our team has been extremely successful in offering support with eligibility checks, prior authorization, claims submission, denial management, accounts receivable collections, customer service.

At just $7 per hour, our resources offer you a comprehensive action plan that can eliminate challenges in your pending collections.

With a unique ability to work as an operational arm, Sunknowledge knows what to do and offers customized support.

We deliver according to your protocols, offer exceptional standards of productivity and know-how to make your claims clean. We eliminate loopholes in your process of Gastroenterology billing by delivering niche assistance.

We have excellent success stories to share! Give our experts an opportunity to share how we can make a genuine difference.

Sunknowledge has the potential to offer support that can reduce your operational costs by 70%. Our team of medical billers and coders understand your world of revenue cycle management better than anyone else.

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