How to Export Thunderbird Emails to EML Format [Solved]

How to Export Thunderbird Emails to EML Format [Solved]

This detailed screenshot guide will help you convert Thunderbird emails to EML files. Here you will get the solution to export Thunderbird mail to an EML file.

This allows users to save Thunderbird messages in EML format using manual methods and reliable solutions.

As we all know, Mozilla Thunderbird is a free open source email application. It is a cross-platform email client widely used by Windows, Linux and Mac OS X users to manage their data.

Thunderbird allows users to set up multiple email accounts using IMAP and POP3 email servers. Data from the entire Thunderbird mailbox are saved in the MBOX file format.

However, in some cases, users need to export messages from Thunderbird to EML files. Here we will describe a manual and a guaranteed solution to convert Thunderbird mail to EML file format.

Convert Thunderbird Mail to EML format using the manual method

Using Thunderbird’s “Save As” option

  1. Select the email you wish to convert. You can select the emails of a specific folder by selecting all the emails with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + A.
  2. Right-click on the selected email >> select “Save As“.
  3. Now, select the folder to save the EML file and click “Select folder“.

Use ImportExportTools to export messages from Thunderbird files in the EML format

In general, Mozilla Thunderbird provides a free add-on called ImportExportTools, which is widely used to perform various tasks in Thunderbird. To use this free attachment, you need to download ImportExportTools and install it on your system.

Follow the simple steps to install the ImportExportTools add-on

  1. From the menu bar >> Select Tools >> Click Add-ons (if the menu is not displayed, press the ALT button).
  2. Click on the settings or gear icon and select Install attachment from file …
  3. Select “importexporttools-3.3.0-sm + tb.xpi” from the “Download folder” and press the “Open” button.
  4. Then, click the Install now and restart now button.

Export Thunderbird emails in EML format with add-ons

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird >> Select the desired folder.
  2. Right click on the selected folders >> ImportExportTools >> Export folder >> All messages in EML format.
  3. Select the folder where you want to save the converted EML file and click “Select folder”.

In seconds, all Thunderbird messages are saved in EML format. There are several other options that allow users to save or convert Thunderbird messages. Besides that, Mozilla Thunderbird does not offer any such option, which allows you to import Thunderbird emails into Outlook.

Reliable solution for extracting Thunderbird emails in EML format

However, if these manual solutions don’t work. You must, therefore, use any reliable solution that correctly extracts Thunderbird emails into EML files.

To safely convert Thunderbird emails to EML format, we recommend using the MBOX to EML converter. This is a simple automation solution to convert Thunderbird messages to EML format.

Both Mac and Windows are available. Likewise, all the solutions provided above can be processed by this efficient software without problems. Some features that are particularly useful for converting to EML are:

  1. Option to add single and multiple Thunderbird MBOX files simultaneously
  2. Option to convert only selective emails based on your selection
  3. It also supports hassle-free batch email conversion
  4. Export Thunderbird emails to EML using the correct naming convention

Steps to export Thunderbird mailbox to EML file

  • Step 1: Launch the conversion software.
  • Step 2: Add the Thunderbird mailbox files to convert to EML.
  • Step 3: Preview Thunderbird emails and attachments
  • Step 4: Export Thunderbird as an EML file with email attributes.

The trial version is the best way to become familiar with the functionality and work of any software. Therefore, check out a free demo version of the software and start performing an error-free Thunderbird email conversion.


Exporting Thunderbird emails to EML files is an easy task. But lack of knowledge often hinders the users. To counter that, we provided some free methods to convert emails from Thunderbird to EML format.

If the user has a configured Thunderbird database, he/she can easily use the defined methods.

For those users, who have orphan MBOX files or do not trust manual methods, they can opt for the automated software tool. It is a safe and secure way to export EML files with attachments.

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