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Why is Lashing So Crucial for the Manufacturing Business

Why is Lashing So Crucial for the Manufacturing Business

The companies involved in transporting heavy cargo across the world, for example, manufacturing companies and others, require a safe and durable packaging accessory.

It is a fact that the entire business of a cargo service provider depends on robust packing accessories that can offer a maximum level of durability in terms of packaging and keeping the products safe while transporting. 

Most of the products that are asked to dispatch are very delicate and require special attention in terms of safety. This is where they can use a Stretch Film and go for a lasting solution.

Lashing has been considered an excellent substitute for steel strapping but is a little costlier than other strapping methods.

Since its introduction, woven Lashing has eliminated many of the hazards related to steel strapping. Even if the material is different, you will find outstanding durability and rigidity with this.

This comes with non-cutting and smooth edges, making it perfect for manual functioning. Another significant benefit is that it can be tied using hands and use mechanical strapping equipment.

They are designed to withstand higher-level shock as they have incredible lengthening characteristics.

Who generally does the Lashing?

In general, the cargo service provider can say the stevedore is responsible for the lashing task. However, due to fewer time of port stay, deck crews are also responsible for this task.

Before the arrival of the package at the port, the crew members de-lashes the container to save time and unload the containers faster. To avoid possible accidents or damages to products or crew members, it’s checked regularly.

Crucial Points to remember for safe Lashing

  1. While carrying out the task, wear all the required PPE- Personal protective equipment, such as steel toe shoes, reflective vest, gloves, hard helmets, and more.
  2. Before starting work, remember to stretch and warm up the body’s muscles before starting work, as it is a physical job.
  3. While lashing, you should use a back-support belt while lashing and always use the knee to lift.
  4. Be careful while roaming the ship, as the cargo ship’s structure can be a tripping hazard.
  5. Do not walk under a suspended load, such as a hanging container or gantry.
  6. Understand the plan and execute the process accordingly.

Some benefits of using woven Lashing

High-quality materials

The straps are non-abrasive and made of low-stretch material. This can significantly reduce the scratches and cuts on the products.

Unlike other available rust-prone strap materials, lashing systems have features like better weather resistance and maintain their natural durability after a long voyage.

It is an innovative system.

Manufacturers develop a lashing system by keeping the users in their minds. With this, you will enjoy the mechanical advantage over standard and traditional straps used for cargo.

This advanced technology lets the workers secure the strapping on the boxes easily. This utilizes a one-way system along with a sturdy buckle. One side is looped on a metal component to keep the strap taut under heavy pressure.

Great level of flexibility

In a shipping container, securing the boxes effectively can be difficult, especially with minimal space. However, with a lashing system, you can tie the straps securely, preventing damage.

Some features of woven Lashing

  1. It offers the highest level of tensile strength.
  2. Easy to handle with dispenser bags.
  3. The systems are certified by Germanischer Lloyd.
  4. While offering a low elongation level, it offers superior resilience.
  5. It is available in 32mm to 50mm width.
  6. The linear breaking strength can vary from 2000 to 7500 daN.
  7. With this, you can use one-way strapping for better securing on rail and flats.
  8. There will be no risk of damage or injury for shippers and consignees.

Are you looking for the best cargo-securing solution to transport your products? If yes, you can always trust Humi Pak. The company offers high-quality Lashing for your cargo loads.

They will keep the cargo secure in its place, and there will be no damage during shipping. Humi Pak is also well-known for offering high-quality Stretch Film.

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