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Top 5 Custom Packaging Boxes to Safeguard Your Product

Top 5 Custom Packaging Boxes to Safeguard Your Product

Factories and manufacturing units are far away from warehouses and retail stores. However, even in an e-commerce business, you must deliver your product to the customer’s doorstep.

In any case, transportation, shipment, and delivery of goods are necessary for any business. A Broken or damaged product creates a terrible impact on buyers even if you are replacing it for free.

So, there is no room to overlook the importance of security and attractive packaging and designs.

Packaging is the first thing your customers will see, so it’s a connection between you and your customers. It would be best if you made this bond stronger by delivering perfect quality in products and packaging.

The new era brought packaging more importance for the customers as their excitement increased with the new launch of every product with a new look and boxing. People love to share unboxing videos and pictures over social media that can become your free advertisement.

There are many custom boxes these days; to select the best option for your upcoming product, you need to understand everything about packaging and boxing.

Below we are mentioning five types of packaging boxes and complete details about them. After that, you can select any customized design for your goods.


These boxes are light to carry and authoritarian. Paperboard material is straightforward to store because it takes significantly less space while unfolding.

You can cut it in no time to make a perfect box for your goods to keep; hence, it takes less time to build. There are four types of paperboard mentioned below.

i-SBS Boxes

Its name says solid bleached sulfate. These boxes are clay-coated surfaces better for printing, and their virgin fibers are bleached to look nicer. Its caliper range is .010″ and.030″, and it is very smooth and clear looking; its pure fiber makes it more robust in the lower caliper range.

These boxes are favorites for frozen food, dairy, bakery, and cosmetics.

ii-CUK Boxes

These are unbleached and coated kraft boxes that are less resistant to wetness, and they look like natural recycled materials.

These boxes are recyclable and very eco-friendly, appealing to people who like natural looks and eco-friendly. Long fibers are mainly used to build these boxes; that’s why they are used for soft drinks and hardware.

iii- CRP Box

This coated and recycled paperboard is made with recycled fiber. Clay coating is used for clean looks and is best for printing enhancement. These boxes are usually used for dry food packaging. These boxes are also very green to nature and entirely eco-friendly.

iv- Chipboard-Based Box

These boxes are made with completely recycled materials and lose little strength due to processing. Therefore, you cannot use these boxes for heavy use because they are cost-effective but lighter than others.

In addition, chipboard boxes can quickly expand due to moisture, so they are better for cost-effective short-term storage.

2- Rigid Box

These boxes are very compressed paperboard made of 3 to 4 times heavier material. These boxes are very tough and cannot be broken very easily.

However, its cost is a little higher than other types of packages. Most premium segment products use these boxes for a clean look and customization.

Rigidity makes these boxes capable of complete customization to their shapes and styles. Also, these are eco-friendly and recyclable boxes to help green environment support. All premium printings and beautiful effects are easily printable on rigid boxes.

Most of the exciting shapes also come in rigid packaging materials and boxes. Sharp cutting and grooving look very beautiful in rigid boxes.

3- Hard Plastic Box

Plastic boxes are another option for retail and e-commerce businesses. It provides an air-tightening facility to pack such things.

These boxes are not biodegradable; that’s why it is not the best choice if you are trying to attract more customers. Because people are looking closely for the packaging materials used in a product, you can try it for testing purposes.

4- Sealed Tin Boxes

These boxes are used to preserve food items from rotting and increase their shelf life. However, this one is an expensive solution for boxing because of metal or aluminum usage. It is not a cost-effective packaging solution, so very rarely used.

5- Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes carry many properties in them. These boxes are widely used for shipping worldwide because of their rigidity and lightweight.

In addition, these boxes are used widely to secure your packaging from damage and other environmental effects. Corrugated boxes are made of the same cardboard material but using different techniques.

Usually, there is a minimum of two layers of cardboard involved. One of them is plain and flat, while another one is in wavy form. This wavy form gives this box rigidity capability and ensures product safety.

In some other corrugated designs, three layers are used two plain surfaces and one wavy cardboard in the center. These techniques are used to increase the safety of the product.

In addition, these waves or flutes inside give the product a very handsome amount of cushioning. Larger flutes provide comfort to the product, and more minor flutes give rigidity to the box. The size of that flute changes the thickness of the walls and increases stacking strength.

Five types of flutes are used in corrugated boxes; they serve different tasks but know their names for now.

A-Flute consists of 33 flutes in feet.

B-Flute, there are 47 flutes.

C-Flute, there are 39 flutes.

The e-Flute consists of 90 flutes.

F-Flute consists of 125 flutes.

Corrugated boxes are highly biodegradable and are very eco-friendly. As a result, corrugated boxes are widely used boxes for shipping purposes.


There are main types of boxes that are written above. They all serve differently, but biodegradable packages are mostly liked all around the box.

So, you can choose according to your choice and customize according to your product needs. On the other hand, you can leave all the technicalities to the professionals like Impression Ville.

They provide the best packaging experience. Just visit their website to read more about box kinds and designs. Then, select any customized plan for printing and get huge discounts on bulk orders.

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