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Which Water is Good for Hair, Hard or Soft

Which Water is Good for Hair, Hard or Soft

Almost 70% of households in the US are dealing with hard water. And it’s not like they don’t do anything about it. Of course, they know that hard water is not fit for their health so they install some really efficient water filters in their kitchen so that they don’t have to drink that contaminated water.

But the thing that we always miss out is that we are also bathing with the same water. We know the fact that hard water isn’t fit for drinking, but is it bad for our hair also. Maybe yes, or maybe not.

In this article, you are provided with the information about which water is good for your hair, hard or soft. So, give it a complete view so that you can know the water you are using for showering is whether bad for your hair or not.

What Does hard Water do to Your Hair?

We all know that calcium and water play a really important role in the growth of hair follicles, and hard water has got a big amount of them.

But the situation here is a little different, though hard water contains these necessary elements, these are not the only things present in it, in accordance with them there are also other salts and minerals present in the hard water that can cause the destruction of our hair follicles. Given below are the results of using hard water for washing the hair.

Does Not Cleanses the Hair Properly

Hard water doesn’t create a good lather with the shampoo or soap, which in results doesn’t activate the cleansing properties of shampoos. Hence, it becomes difficult for shampoos to remove the residue of hair products like hair sprays and gels.

Moreover, the hard water is also bad in rinsing the shampoo, so when you put the shampoo in the hair, there are possible chances that 30 percent of the shampoo is left behind.

Cause the Natural hair Color to Fade Away

If the color of your hair is fading away and your age is also not appropriate, then the biggest cause will be your hard water. Yeas, hard water does decolorize the hair at an early age.

Hard water is so much contaminated with lead, and when the lead starts to build up in the hair, it makes a barrier of the film on the hair that causes the color to fade away and gives a brassiness look to the hair.

Causes Dandruff

When you wash your hair with hard water, the minerals and toxins present in it start to build up in the scalp and block the pores of the scalp.

This prevents the moisture to penetrate in the hair shaft, and it also keeps the excess oil to come out of the pore, as a result, it leads to dandruff. And as we all know, hair dandruff is the biggest reason behind most of the hair issues.

Causes Hair to fall

When minerals start to build up in our hair shaft, our hair loses all the moisture, this causes our hair to become dry, brittle and dull. This dryness ultimately leads to the weakening of hair shaft which eventually leads to the breakage of hair and causes hair fall.

Effects the Ph of Hair

Hard water does also affect the PH of Hair to a Great extent. The PH of Hair is Slightly Acidic, the level is 4.5 to 5, on the other hand, hard water is alkaline having the PH of 8.5, though the shampoos and soaps are also alkaline, however, in that case, they are washed away.

But when they are mixed up with the hard water,they affect greatly affect your hair and makes them brittle and dull. So, in all, hard water is not really a good option to wash your hair with.

What Does Soft water do to Your Hair?

Soft water is just the opposite of hard water. And so, it shows completely opposite results than hard water when you wash your hair with it. Let’s see how soft water can help you with your hair.

Efficiently Cleanses the Hair

Soft water cleanses the completely cleanse the hair, washes away any residue of hair products and shampoos, gets rid of dirt settled in the depth of hair and removes and excessive oil that causes the hair to stick with each other.

Balances the PH

Soft water balances the PH level of hair as its level is 6and sometimes out of the recommended range. And thus, it gives you silkier and shinier hair.

Makes the Hair Smooth and Manageable

Soft water removes the last mineral residing in your hair shaft, gets rid of dandruff and gives you 10 time more smooth, silkier, and manageable hair that hold lasting shine.

Gives You Healthier

Once the soft water removes any residue of toxins, contaminants, minerals, and dandruff, the moisture starts to lock up again in your hair follicles, your hair shaft loses all of its dryness, split ends and brittleness, your hair grows stronger and healthier.

Fight the Dandruff

As I have already said above, the soft water helps you to get rid of any dryness and brittleness and make them regain their natural moisture back which then fights dandruff and makes it almost impossible to grow back.

Helps you With the Hair Styles

Once you’ll have stronger, healthier, shinier that are freed from any type of toxin or contaminant, then it will become easier for you to style your hair in any way you want.

While on the other hand, when you wash your hair with the hard water, it causes more brittleness, dryness and leaves you with lots of tangles which are the biggest hurdle between the hair and the hairstyles.


So, after reading the above articles, going through all the consequences of hard water and knowing what wonders soft water can bring to your hair. I hope that it will become crystal clear to you which water is best for washing your hair.

And if you are worried about what to do with your hard water issue. Then worry not. Every problem has a solution, so does this one. There are lots of big and perfect brands that offer shower filters for your showers so that you can take bah with 100 % pure and non-contaminated water.

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