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Instagram Widget: Benefits of Using It on Your Website

Instagram Widget: Benefits of Using It on Your Website

There are few popular ways in which you can choose to embed Instagram feed on your website i.e. either through social media aggregator tools like Taggbox Widget or through Instagram plugins.

If you are using Instagram plugins to embed Instagram feed on the website, the way you choose to place your feed there is done by Instagram widget.

Instagram widget is usually a part of Instagram plugins that helps you in displaying the Instagram photos on your website’s sidebar or at other places on your website.

Different responsive Instagram widgets by WordPress and others provide different ways in which you can choose to embed Instagram feed from different accounts in a single feed or in multiple ones. 

It can be shown in a form of a grid, as a drop-down never-ending scrolling form, as a popup, board, slideshow, carousel and others.

Instagram widgets are all about making your website look beautiful and attractive by choosing the right placement and pattern in which the feed should show up. 

There are various benefits associated with using an Instagram widget for your website. 

Benefits of Using Instagram Widget On Website

Here’s why you should wait no more in embedding Instagram feed on the website with the help of Instagram widget.

1. Makes website appealing and attractive

It’s important for any business website to look appealing, to grab and hold the attention of a user and compels them to navigate through the site for longer.

According to statistics, the longer a user stays at your website, the greater are the chances of converting it into sales. Adding an Instagram feed to your website is one way of doing so. Using Instagram widget for this is advisable as it turns the feed beautiful, worth looking at and interesting.

2. Decreases the bounce rate and increases dwelling time

When users find a website appealing, no doubt they find it difficult to get away with it. They are indulged in exploring it further and start to interact with the company in a way or two.

The Instagram feed keeps the user interested in staying on the website, getting carried away by the displayed posts and the live conservations thereon. This all increases the dwelling time of users on your website.

When a user chooses to be on your website for longer, there are minimal chances of just closing the website as they enter it. This helps in decreasing the bounce rate of your website. Just like any social media platform, your website can be turned addictive for users too.

3. Widens your customer base

Connecting your social presence to your digital presence is a smart move! This doubles up the brand reach. The users who came across your brand through social media are able to connect with you better by following the steps that lead them to your website and vice versa.

Moreover, with the majority of people spending their time on social media, there are greater chances of building your customer base through social media first.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform that holds greater importance of being focused on. Embedding Instagram feed on the website in an attractive manner enables you to divert all the Instagram traffic to your website and vice versa, thus expanding your customer base.

4. Helps in building your social proof

As 75% of the users believe in reading reviews, testimonials and influencers views before making a purchasing decision, it has been utterly important to build your own social proof.

Your brand should be socially active on desired platforms to make it recognizable. Building social proof helps new customers of your brand to trust the authenticity and reliability of your brand. With so many fake and spoof companies, it is really harder for customers to put their trust in new companies.

Embedding live Instagram feed on your website will definitely add to your social proof. Not only this, but this will also help in creating a social buzz for your brand.

5. Higher search rankings

Integrating or embedding Instagram on your website through the Instagram widget can also initiate higher search result rankings. How can this be done?

Instagram feed on the website is a great SEO hack. As Instagram feed attracts more users to your website, your website’s conversion rates will increase rapidly.

This will make the search results to identify your website and increase your chances of showing up your website on the first page of search engine results.

Now that you are well aware of the Instagram widget and its benefits, it’s time to hurry and start your search for the best Instagram widget in the market. There are various things you will find on WordPress too.

Some of them are free to use too. Give them a try and lighten brighten your website and turn it into addictive space users can’t bounce off from. 



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